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Default Olympus C-750UZ lens adapter ring.

Hello everyone. I'm very new to the world of photography, and need some assistance.

My room mate has an Olympus C5050 and bought a Tiffen lens adapter ring kit, which included an adapter that supposedly fits the C-7x0UZ.

Well, my camera will soon be on the way to me (must have it NOW...NOW), and I was wondering if the ring will fit. Apparently it is 43mm and will fit the Tiffen 2x telephoto and Wide angle converters. I was wondering if this should work on the 750 once I get it. He is practically giving it to me with a 128mb XD card.

I have read most people saying they are using 52mm lens converters, and wondered if the 43 should fit.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hello Oracle! which thread of the tube you are suggesting is 43 mm? the male or the female? the bit that screws into the camera or the bit that accepts the filter/lens adapter?
The C-750 needs a 45.6 mm (the bit that screws into the body) to 55 or 52 mm (the bit that takes the filter/lens). Anything with a smaller diameter on the one side will not fit the camera and anything smaller at the other side will cause vignetting (black edges around your image).
43mm sounds is to small in any case so no i dont think is suitable. Plus you have to consider about the tubes length cause it might be too short and the camera lens when extending might bump into the attatched filter/lens.
I use the original olympus CLA-4 adapter which is 45.6mm-55mm. Alternatives exist e.g Raynox, but need to look for something within the range of the dimensions i ve mentioned above..

Hope this helps.
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Thanks, that does help. I was surprised to hear that the adapter was only 43mm (on the lens side, not the camera side). The kit does say it will fit the C-7x0 camera's, but it looked a bit small compared to what everyone else was using.

Maybe I'll go for the olympus one, since that one is 100% sure to work.

I wont be needing one immediately, but the prospect of getting one nearly for free sounded good to me.
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