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Default D-40Z Shot-to-Shot Time

I have the D-40Z and use fully charged Maha 1800MAh rechargeable NiMH batteries. Reviews say that the shot-to-shot time should be 1 second and specs say 2 frames/sec but it seems to take much longer (5-10 secs). I usually get blinking green and red lights next to the viewfinder until I can take another picture. Overall battery life is good so I don't know if this lag time is due to the camera or the batteries. Anyone else have this problem?

Thanks in advance.
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It is dependant on your resolution setting (I'm not all that familiar with the D-40, I'm a C-700 user but it's basically the same problem).

The problem is at higher resolutions a picture takes up more space in the camera's internal ram (not talking about the smartmedia card memory here, but the memory used to temporarily store the picture while it is being written to the smartmedia card).

If you're shooting a high resolution TIFF, that could take up 5 megs or more of the internal memory, and another shot can't be taken until the camera dumps that to the smartmedia card.

However, if you shoot JPEGs (especially lower resolution ones), they take up a lot less space and you can fire off a lot of them (I once fired of 30 in a row using the 640x480 format, just as an experiment...and I still didn't run out of memory).

Hope that clears things up.
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