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Default My computer can't find my camera--can't download photos

I used to be able to...it's a pain!

My computer is a pentium 2 running Windows 98 SE.

My Olympus is a C3000 (and it used to work fine!) using Comedia Version 5.0

I have a wireless network on my other usb port that works fine. I also have a PDA--a usb connected Handspring Visor. I've uninstalled the software for that, and reinstalled the software for the Olympus all without any change.

Does the Olympus software require lots of free space on the hard drive to work?

Any hints would be really appreciated!
Dave L
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Old May 3, 2004, 2:41 PM   #2
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I would strongly recommend getting a card reader and plug that into your computer rather than your expensive camera. I've had a few camera lockups and have had to pop the battery to get it to close down. (NOT a good idea!) I figure why ruin a camera when for $20 - $30 you can get a card reader instead. Then it's just drag and drop files from the reader drive to your PC folder. Hope this helps.....
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I am also now having some USB trouble and the common element seems to be Win98se, which is known to be a bit flakey regarding USB.
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Wish I could suggest something there. Haven't used Win98 for some time. Maybe I'm spoiled now being used to the relative simplicity of XP.......Good luck. Anopther cosideration might be how muc RAM or SDRAM you have on your machine. Being a Pentium 2 might mean it's under 128Mb. I noticed a slowdown if I tried opening too many files at the same time even using 512Mb on my previous machine.
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i had the same problem.I ve solved it by clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon at the desktop taskbar (by the clock) and stoping the usb adapter. After that i connect my camera to the usb port, turn the camera on and it works fine
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