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Default D40Z slow shutter speed

I bought a D40 Z camera a few months ago and it seems that the shutter speed is quite slow. In other words, I have to hold the camera rock-steady for at least a second or two after I depress the picture button before the picture gets taken. This isn't a problem when taking pictures of stationary objects but becomes a problem when taking pictures of people who don't remain still!!

I have tried to go into the A/S/M mode and changing the (S)hutter speed but it still seems to be slow...

Is this an inherant problem with digital cameras?
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Yes, it's common with all digital cameras (it's mentioned in the manual). Unlike film cameras that YOU set manually in advance, or point and shoot film cameras with no settings, the digital camera has to look at what it's shooting at, decide on the exposure, decide on the white balance, decide what to focus on, and get the image in focus, and then take the picture. Better digital cameras have a feature that cuts this time down (or at least the time to click the shutter).

This whole thing is called "shutter lag" and you can reduce it by getting the camera ready to shoot beforehand. (note, not all digital cameras have this feature) When you think want to take a picture of something hold the camera on the subject and press the shutter down halfway and it will set the exposure and focus...then when you want to take the picture, push the shutter release all the way and the camera will instantly snap the picture.

Another way to reduce time (if your camera has these features) is to set the auto-focus to operate at all times (kills the battery though), set the focus to manual and do it yourself, set the exposure yourself or if you're taking multiple pictures in the same light use the "Exposure Lock". But compared to the time it takes to do this stuff myself, I'm just as happy to let the camera do it...even if it takes a second.

Note that newer 35mm film cameras that have auto focus also take longer now due to "shutter lag" for the time they have to move the focus.
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