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When I view my pics in Adobe Photoshop Elements and view the EXIF for info why doesn't the Exposure program section tell me what program I am shooting in. I have a Olympus C-750. It only tells creative program (biased toward depth of field). Is there any software that will tell me what program I am shooting my photos in.
Also what is best for better shots 50 ISO or 100 ISO? What ISO should indoors be and outdoors?
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50 ISO is always the best quality. Noise in the picture increases with increased ISO. On the other hand, if you are shooting in very low light without flash (or sometimes, even with flash), it is better to raise the ISO so you get enough light for a correct exposure.

Outdoors, good light. choose 50 ISO, Indoors, I would generally select 100 or Auto, which I believe, sets the ISO to 160 when the flash is used. You might use ISO 200, if you are shooting a large group of people indoors with the flash. Also, look in the menu to set the flash exposure up by 2 f-stops. This will help you to keep the ISO lower.

Shooting available light in theaters or outside at night, you probably need to use ISO 400.

This is all confusing and takes lots of experimenting, but hopefully this will get you started.

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