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I'm getting the impression that the Olympus C-5000 may be a decent camera, but it has some drawbacks that may be important to me. I realize that the C-5060 is likely a way-better camera than the C-5000, but I can't afford the C-5060.

I thought I wanted a camera that could be point-and-shoot and also manual. The Olympus C-5000 seemed like the cheapest choice in this regard. But, one of the biggest reasons I want the camera is for outdoor shots. The Steve's review indicates horizontal banding in the sky on outdoor shots. Another problem seems to be that the C-5000 may be a little slow when you are trying to capture impromptu shots. I can't tell how much of a problem this would be for me, but impromptu and outdoor shots would probably be my two biggest uses, with the odd "posed" shot thrown in. I guess I would also like to be able to zoom, but I've read that digital zoom is not good and should just be turned off, anyhow. ...

So, my bottom line is that if outdoor shots are important to me and I can't go more expensive than the C-5000, should I go for a purely point-and-shoot (maybe the D-580) for better image quality? If you had to choose purely based on image quality for outdoor shots, would you choose the C-5000 or the D-580? Does having the option of manual controls make-up for any loss in outdoor image quality?

Any thoughts you may have on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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I haven't tried neighter, but to me it is unlikely that D580 will beat the C5000 when it comes to image quality. Manual controls are important. If used properly they can correct some flaws that all automatic metering systems have. Proper exposure is very important for good image quality. You can correct it (within certain limits) during post processing, but its always best to start with properly exposed picture. D580 is just a starter pont and shot camera C5000 is much more than that.

I remember when the C5000 was released it was thought to be a cheaper, stripped down C5050. It turned out that this is not exactly true, they are quite different actually. C5000 has a different lens uses LiIon battery(which IMO is a drawback) and is generally not that sturdy, but if you don't compare it to 5050 on its own right its a good camera.

Regarding speed, it may or may not be a problem depending on what will be your main subject. You say outdoor, if you mainly take landscapes, I'd say the speed of the camera is not a big drawback. For action shots, however, you will need a faster camera. My C5050 is also quite slow. I just learned to live with it. It's still frustrating sometimes but I leave the camera on most of the time when out taking pictures.

If you want to stay with Olympus you may also have a look at their nice C7xx range of cameras. They come with longer zooms and from what I read deliver one of the best picture quality among long zoom digicams. The prices are also very reasonable. If portability matters to you, have a look at D50. It used to be quite expensive but after the D60 was introduced the prices of D50 have dropped. I played with one some time ago and loved the build quality and overall feel of the camera. The image quality is also very good.
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