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I am new to my C-765. Can anyone tell me how to improve focus w/40x digital zoom? I did try manual focusing, but even at infinity the object is not focused.And how to shoot fast moving (ex. cars)? Because by the time the camera focuses and takes a shot the car is already gone. I tried increasing shutter speed, but that didn't help.

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You have to remember that cameras in this class are consumer cameras, not high speed professional ones. I have taken full digital zoom with my C-700 (27x w/digital zoom), but the subject is steady and normally I have a tripod (you can only do handheld in the best light, (you really need a 1/1500th shutter speed which is beyond the camera's fastest speed). In the reference manual (that's on the CD), it actually says, "Even if you move the cursor to the top of the distance indicator, focusing is not possible at (infinity)."

If this is the type of photography you're interested in, you should really be looking into a dSLR. They focus faster, have full manual controls right on the lens barrel, and have very little shutter lag. The other night I was playing with an Olympus E-1 which is a professional dSLR, and it blows most other cameras out of the water...the problem is the body alone is close to $2000, that doesn't include a lens.

The C-7x0's are great cameras for nature photographers and other things that aren't moving too fast...they're not hi-speed sports cameras.

I should add that I'm a C-700 user and help host a C-7x0 group, and for what I shoot I love the C-7x0 series, but if I was to go to shoot racing (which I have done with a film SLR), I wouldn't bother taking my C-700...I'd dig out my film camera.

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