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richmo Jun 22, 2004 5:50 AM

My Olympus C-2100 is failing to power up. The batteries are good, but it gets no power. I used it one day and the next it failed to work. My camera was in a tent at scout camp that received a fairt amount of mousture from a sudden storm, but it was zipped into a case and fully enclosed at the time. Now, it will not tuirn on; I've tried both rechargeable and new Duracel batteries.

Any suggestions? My wife (and I ) use this camera quite a lot and do not won't to be without it for long.

sdromel Jun 22, 2004 11:05 AM

Pay careful attention to the on/off switch. That whole control head is a weak point of the UZI. It is made from a delicate printed circuit that is easily damaged or affected by wear.

You might ty to spray the switch out with DEOXIT (or at least wiggle it when it is in the power-on position to see if the camera can start).

Otherwise it's back to OLY for repair. But even if that is true, where are you going to get another C-2100 for $200?

digcamfan Jun 23, 2004 4:56 AM


Olympus will ship your camera back at same speed you send to them.

It is a light camera.

You could ship one day and have it back very soon.

In the interim, buy some one-time disposable film cameras and you can scan the best of your photos.

Just an idea...:)

John G. Jun 23, 2004 1:06 PM

That is a 4 year old camera. I'm sure your warranty has expired.
The repair/shipping might be close to the cost of a new digicam.
After you make the decision I would consider a flexible waterproof housing that is easy to fit in your backpack. You can check out the waterproof pvc bags made by Ewa Marine at B&H Photo.
Here is Ewa Marine's cross reference list for all Olympus digital cameras. However the c-2100 has been discontinued.

Other option to consider, check out the Olympus Stylus 300 it's weather resistant for those rainy days. :cool:
Retails for $ 279.

FarmallBob Jun 23, 2004 3:01 PM

I agree with sdromel - good chance the problem's in the on-off switch. The mode/on-off dial assembly is a flimsydesign. It consists of athin flexible printed circuit and some plastic hardware vibration welded(?) to the main body. (Incidentally the switch/modedialassembly is easilybroken off the C2100 camera body - don't ask how I might know!)

Anyway it's design renders the switchsensitive to moisture, dirt, etc.Might be worth shooting a bit of aerosol electronic contact cleaner around the base of the switch, working the switch a few times then blowing it out with canned air before the cleaner evaporates.

Also check the battery contacts both in the battery door and up inside the body. I had an earlier digital camera (Kodak DC210) fail completely. Problem turned out to be a single battery contactstrip that for some reason had become "sprung"and was no longer touching the battery. Pulling the stripback into it'scorrect postionbrought the camera back to life. ...FB

richmo Jun 23, 2004 5:40 PM

Thanks for the help and pointers. The battery contacts seem to be working fine, and the aerosol to the switch didn't work. I'm afraid it looks like a return to Olympus is going to be in order. There doesn't seem to be a good (less costly) alternative that I can find.

sdromel is right that I won't find another UzI for the cost of the repair (I think their flat fee is $198.00), but I still hate it- I just bought this camera a bit over a year ago!

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