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I have had my 750 UZ for about a year now and I am just getting around to upgrading it. So far I have purchased a CLA4,T-CON17,WCON7 AND A FL-50.I would now like to get a flash bracket and sync cord so I can use my camera flash as a fill in flash with my FL-50. Can someone tell me what I need to get so that my FL-50 still has TTL communication thru my camera? Thanks in advance. And does anyone know if there is a way to get a black finish c-750? My little silver camera looks funny with all that black equipment on it. Shurly Olympus thought of that.
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One of our readers a few years back used a Canon off-camera cord and Stroboframe bracket on the E-10 which has the same dedicated hot shoe contacts as the C750UZ:

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I am not being anal or anything but I would like to get a Olympus made product so all my accesories match. But thanks for the other option.
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For Olympus, first the cable you need depends on what situation you want...

If you want the ability to use the flash off the bracket (in your hand) get the FL-CB05...this plugs into the hotshoe of the camera and the other end into the hotfoot of the flash...it also has a dead shoe which plugs into any bracket:

If you don't care about using the flash in your hand and always want to use it on the Olympus bracket mentioned below, then get the FL-CB02...this again plugs into the hotshoe of the camera, but has a special round plug that plugs into the FL-BK01 bracket ONLY:

The Olympus bracket is the FL-BK01:
(on the side closest to the "O" in "Olympus" you can see the connector for the FL-CB02 cable)

Here's a pic with the FL-CB02 cable attached to the bracket and a camera:

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