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I´m goin to buy my second camera (probably, a 5MP one). I´ve seen some reviews about Olympus 5060, Nikon 5400 and Canon G5. After a lot of reviews, I am probablygoing toOly 5060. But, i´d like your opinion about these three cameras.

Is really 5060 aNICE camera?????



P.S: 5060 or 5050????
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I've owned a 5060 since November and am totally happy with it. Can't speak about the other camerasbut the 5060 still gets higher marks than many competitors. Bottom line, it takes GREAT pictures, and that's what really counts,then again, how they are perceived can be related to your monitor, editing software, printer, etc as you probably know. The 5050 is the 2003 model, also highly rated but the 5060 has the wide angle lense and supurb macro capability. The 5060 has a magnesium body which is solid and what I think is a great menu system.
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I had a Canon G2 which was the predisesor to the G5. It died on me a month ago. I liked the Canon, but the build quality always seemed very cheap to me. The G5 had the same feel to me. I looked at the Nikon 5400, but wasn't impressed with it either. Last camera I looked at was the Olympus 5060. It feels very solid & well made to me & the pictures it takes [glow=yellow]are just great![/glow] I love the wide angle lens & the movable LCD screen too.

Chuck :cart:

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I also wanted to replace my beloved 3MP Canon Powershot G1 whichwas a great camera that I took on several trips to Europe. TheG1 took greatpictures (you can see some of them in my travel website: http://www.gatortravels.com) , and Iloved the flip-out LCD design, the only complaints I could possibly have with it were that it was fairly slowto turn on and that I soonrealized that most of the scenes that I wanted to shoot required a wider angle lens than the 35mm at the low end provided me. So the minimum requirements for my new camera where the following:
1)at least5MP resolution
2)Compact Flash card storage
3)minimumzoomrange from 28-100mm without any adapters
4)faster operation than the G1
5)beabout the same size as the G1 or smallerto make it useable for travel
6)preferably would havea flip-outLCD screen
7) infrared wireless remote control (I use it extensively for tripod mounted night shots)

After spending months reading, and researching all the wesites I also came down to deciding between these three cameras. This was how I saw the pluses and minusesof each.

Canon G5- it really tempted me becauseit is a descendant of the G1 which served me admirably. Among it'spluses are it'sfast lens (F2.0-F3.0/F8.0),longzoom out to 140mm. It's only negative for me was that it only went down to 35mm and I really need to be able to get down to at least 28mm wide angle.

Nikon 5400 - met most of all of my requirements. Among it's pluses it's zoomwent down to 28mm,and it was the most compact of the three cameras. Among it's minuses, it has a slower lens than the G5,it's LCD screen was the smallest of the three cameras (1.5" vs 1.8" for the others), has reported low light focusing issues (no AF assist lamp), lacks a wireless remote, it reportedly has sluggish performance, and in general it gets neutral to negative reviews.

Olympus C-5060 - metall my requirements. It's pluses are that it's zoom went all the way down to 27mm, it has a 40.5mm threaded lens that can directly accept filters (the G5 and 5400 do not), it has a flip-out LCD screen (although not as good as the G5 or 5400 design), and gets high ratings in reviews (in fact it is a PC Magazine Editor's Choice). Amongst it's negatives are the fact that it's zoom lens is the shortest of all three cameras (only goes up to 110mm), it's lens is slower than the G5 but as fast as the 5400, and it only goes down to ISO 80 sensitivity (the others go down to ISO 50).

After studying the pluses and minuses of the three candidates:
I decided against the G5 because it only went down to 35mm.
I decided against the Nikon 5400 mostly because of it's lackluster performance.
I decided to purchasethe Olympus C-5060 because it met all of myrequirements and because of it's good reviews and high ratings. I just purchased my C-5060 and will post my impressions of how it measures up once I get it and head out on trips to Yosemite and Big Sur.

P.S. I also briefly looked into the 8MPOlympus C-8080 and Canon Powershot Pro 1. I decided against the C-8080 because of it's larger size and it'sLCD screen limited flip-out capability. I decided against the Powershot Pro 1 because Idid not like the feel of the zoom ring operation,the poor design of the front of the lens which leaves it very exposed, and thereported dust inside the lens problem.
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I recently went through the same dilemna. Gatorbill summed each of the cameras up quite well. I also found the Oly easier to hold and quite liked the flip up LCD. It also gives less noisy pics at ISO 200 and 400 although there is some loss of detail. This helps to balance out the slower lense somewhat.
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I say Go for it :!: After reading lots of review on all sorts of cameras for weeks,having kind people reply to my post only days ago, and finally seeing the camera in person, I took the leap of faith andordered the C-5060.

I didn't get to actually operate the camera because the store didn't have a charged battery (and she did actually try to find one.) I did get to handle it and the camera does havea nice solid, comfortable feel to it.

If you haven't already, take a look at my posting, and read the responses I received. I don't think you will be dissapointed if you choose the C-5060.

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I posted this for Handyman - hope it helps with your decision. I concur heartily with Gatorbill.

"I have had my 5060 for several months now, having looked at all the opposition. If you want a wide angle lens, but with a zoom facility,then really your options are limited to Nikon or Canon. The Nikon I hated for the electronic viewfinder - useless indoors. I like the Olympus because after familiarisation it is simple to operate, and is just as easy to use in manual, aperture, and shutter priority modes. I am most impressed with the picture quality and the lack of "noise" or grain as we used to call it. Close up shots of flowers show vivid colours and detail, and portraits, for which I always use aperture priority, are of good quality too. The screen turns inwards to protect it from scratches when not in use, which is a good feature. All in all I would heartily recommend it, but as a word of caution have you considered the Oly 8080? I have a friend staying who has this camera, and mighty impressive it is.This has the same wide angle, but 8m pixels and a 140mm zoom as opposed to 110. Bigger, but just as easy to use and the viewfinder, electronic in this case, gives a clear bright image. Heavier, but if it had been available when I bought the 5060 I would have hesitated between the two. As a final note we had a classic car racing weekend here at Le Mans France this weekend, and I lent the camera to a novice friend. The results he got were very good for someone who has difficulty telling one end of a camera from another. But if you want action shots, you will be wasting your time - we had many many shots of an empty track! All prosumer cameras like this suffer from shutter delay which makes them in effect useless for action photography, and only an SLR can cure that. However, wide angle indicates indoor work, family shots, and landscapes, so if that is your intended use, either of the Olympus cameras will leave you happy and proud of the results".
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Except I meant Olympus not Canon - silly me!
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If you are a diver, the Olympus 5060 is an incredible underwater digital camera when used with the Olympus PT-020 Underwater Housing (for the amazingly low price of ~$200!). This capability definitely tipped the scales for me. See the review at Under Water Photo Mag, page 14 of 61:


Further, see sample pics taken with 5060's at:


C'est magnifique!

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