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I have been using the camera in fully automatic mode at max resolution and I have tried a variety of different lighting conditions.

I find that the camera works flawlessly if I save images as TIFFs. If I use the JPG format and the conditions aren't quite right then the quality of the JPG image is exceedingly low.

The problem with the JPGs is missing/blank pixels. The missing pixels form vertical lines. The vertical lines usually occur every 2nd or 3rd pixel, and they fill all of the space with that particular colour. If the camera was pointed within ~90 degrees of the sun then the problem can become a general one throughout the entire photo (started with camera pointed at the ground, I was facing the sun around 5pm, took a little less than a quarter turn away and raised the camera to take a picture of my neighbour's porch & car - 90% of the photo was corrupted with bands of vertical lines).

Inside I took a picture of my cat on the scratching post. I tried it with and without flash. I took it in HQ, SHQ, TIFF and RAW. I have not looked at the RAW image before typing this but I can say both TIFFs were flawless and the (S)HQ images were unacceptable. There is a picture on the wall beside the scratching post. The picture has glass protecting the print. In the TIFF you can see the print and a partial reflection quite clearly. With the JPG formats the print was so badly obscured by the vertical lines that I could make out only the vaguest of details. The cat on the post was the focus point, and some areas of her body come through clearly, others are obscured like the print but to a lesser degree. The vertical lines also tend to appear at edges all around each object.

I've been checking forums like this one for reports of problems or dissatisfied customers but have found none yet. I am not dissatisfied (yet), but I am dissappointed that I seem to have purchased a dud.

I'll try taking it back to the store tomorrow. I am not going to wait for Olympus support to call me because I have only got until friday to get a full refund from the retailer if I am not satisfied.

I have attached a sample of the results my c8080 has produced indoors (when saving to a JPG format). Outdoors about 50% of my photos show this effect.

Attached Images
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Hi there cablechewer! I own a c8080 and I have to say that I have never, ever seen problems like your posted picture exhibits in SHQ format.

The fact that you are able to capture the same shot into a non-jpeg format without seeing these artifacts indicates that the problem is not your ccd sensor. Actually, the problem that I am seeing in your photo would make me believe that it was more along the lines of memory defects in the memory space of the camera's onboard cpu.

You may have very well purchased a dud but it is an exception rather than the rule for this particular camera. I would immediately take it back to where you bought it and demand my money back or an exchange.

Question: When you first started taking photos with the camera, what were the filenames when you downloaded them to your computer? Is it possible that this particular camera had been a returned item which the store then turned around and sold to you?
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Definately a glitch in the camera...nothing you have done. Send it back with sample photos.
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I too own a c8080 and have never seen the problem your camerashows. Take the camera back. Reading posts on diff. cameras no matter what the brand, you still can purchase a dud. Good luck.
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