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Here's what I'm thinking of buying:

The adapter/UV kit for a C750 found near the middle of the page here: http://www.2filter.com/prices/packages.html

Any thoughts? I like the 52mm size for the adapter in this kit, but what color is the adapter (sounds dumb, but why are adapters specifically made for this cam black when the cam is silver?!) I would much rather buy a silver tube.

Also, I'll want an affordable, adjustable, circular polarizer (and dumb question, are all circular polarizers adjustable?)

I only want a UV lens as a protector, but a polaizer would be useful. However, seeing as it will be used through a crappy electronic viewfinder, and, I am on a budget, I just want a good, inexpensive, filter (because that's not contradictory, right?:?)
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Do you mean:

New for Olympus C750's and 700 etc.....
MC Protection Kit
Hoya HMC 52 UV
Satin Silver Finish,
45.6-52 Tube
a 52mm snap-on Cap,
this kit is useful
if you plan to buy
accessory tele
or wide lenses
reg. $30.49 TFC5214

I think the line that says, "Satin Silver Finish" gives away the colour of the tube.

You were asking, "why are adapters specifically made for this cam black when the cam is silver?" All the filters, converter lenses, lens caps, lens hoods, and just about every camera accessory is black. So why is the camera silver? Someone years back decided that digital cameras should be silver. Then again I have a 40 year old Retina Reflex that's mostly silver, and has silver lenses and filters.

As for a polarizer, for the C-7xx series you don't need a "circular" polarizer...a linear one will work perfectly with the C-7xx series of cameras (I use them myself) and the good news, they're cheaper (circular ones are only required for modern SLR and dSLR cameras with a beam splitter or semi-silvered mirror, but a circular polarizer will also work fine on the C-7xx). For better quality, go with a "multi-coated" filter.

BTW, ALL polarizers are adjustable...it's the nature of the beast. To get the maximum result you have to be 90degrees from the light source, and then rotate the filter for maximum effect. Here's some basic polarizer info:

Just to whet your appitite for future purchases, check out the following site which has converter lenses which increases your camera's abilities for tele and wide angle:

Just to add that I've been a C-700 user for two years now, and a member of the group I listed below.

- Check out the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group, discussions, fun shooting challenges for ALL C-7xx users, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oly_C-700/
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