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My wife has broken a second D-490z and I'd like to move up to a Minolta a1. Any reason I should not buy her one of the c-720s going on ebay right now of $100.00. All we'll do with it is take shots of the kids. 3 mp seems fine for max 8x10 enlargements. I like the idea of the 8x zoom because it seems that if you get close enough to kids to get a good candid shot they react to the camera and ruin the shot. Also, I still have a couple smart media cards from the 490 that I'd like to not just throw away. Anybody disagree with my reasoning or aware of any problems with the 720?



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Most C-7xx users will tell you to avoid the 720 (and 725). These cameras do not have manual focus, something that's necessary in low light conditions as none of the C-7xx cameras have a focus assist beam. Also if you ever wanted to use an external flash with this camera you could only use a slave. Last thing about this camera, it's a "stripped down version" of better C-7xx's...besides the missing features above it only has 8x zoom rather than the 10x that the C-7xx series is famous for.

If you can live with that, than $100 is a good price (provided the camera is in good condition). Personally, when I went shopping the 720 was the current model, but instead I opted for the lower (2mp) C-700 for it's additional features, and I still use that camera today (2 years later).

- Check out the Oly_C-700 Yahoo Group, discussions, fun shooting challenges for ALL C-7xx users, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Oly_C-700/
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All the 720 images I've seen look a bit shabby compared with a 750 IMHO.
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