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Every so often my C-8080 locks up after I take a photo. I haven't been able to pinpoint what is causing it. It doesn't happen often...and in the past I would wait it out, turn the camera off and everything was OK (no lost photos)

Tonight I lost over 100 photos because it, once again, locked up after taking a photo.When I went to transfer the photos I did manage to take, it told me the files were corrupt (on both memory cards). When I tried looking at the photos on the camera it said there were none. When I went to reformat the cards the camera locked up again.

I have 2 memory cards...a 1 gig kingston compact flash card and the 32 mg flash card it came with

I'm at a loss and I could cry over this.

Has anyone had any similar problems? Any advice?
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No experience with that model but having a 5060 I have a couple suggestions that might help. You may already to do this however,

1) Always reformat your cardin the camera

2) Always use a card reader vs USB to transfer from the camera to your PC. I use a Lexar which reads any type card and have had no problems. Prior to using the reader, sometimes the camera would not shut off whether or not the USB was still connected or even when the camera was turned off. I had to risk popping out the battery to turn it off. Never had that again since using the reader. I'd rather fry a reader than a camera....

Also, does the xD that came with the camera cause problems? My guess is no. I've not heard of Kingston until now and after looking them up, it appears thay may be a bargain in price but cards do vary in quality. I strongly suggest sticking with SanDisk or Lexar. I have a SanDisk Ultra II and a 256M Olympus xD and never have problems....

If this doesn't work, try a local camera shop for advice, not immediate service. If you don't have one, you may want to try calling PJ's Camera in Illinois. They always help me....but I live near them...

Last resort, check the warranty on the cards and camera. Try contacting Olympus. I've heard that can take awhile....good luck.

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Also, don't "Move" files, "Copy" them to the computer, and then once you're sure they're copied by viewing them after the card has been removed from the reader (remember to right-click and highlight "Eject" before removing card from reader), then reformat the card in the CAMERA...NEVER reformat the card in the reader (if you're an XP user, it's notorious for corrupting cards).

In two years of shooting with an Oly, I've never lost a picture.
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Ditto on Mikes reply.....I first create a folder for the image files, name loosely based on the content, then using Windows Explorer, go to the drive letter creatd by the reader. Select the files from your card (Select all), then Edit/Copy, then go to your new folder and Edit/Paste. Once all the files are transferred, remove the card before removing the reader, re-insert the card in the camera and Format it. I usually burn a CD or DVD with the image files before "massaging" them, just to preserve the original, unedited files.....hope this isn't too obvious and just a little informative even if it doesn't solve your problem.....
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You might want to try running a recovery program on your memory card before totally giving up on the lost files. I recommend PC Inspector Smart Recovery. It's free.


I ran this software on a 128 MB SmartMedia card that I accidentally deleted pictures from, using my SanDisk ImageMate 6 in 1 card reader and it worked like a charm. Not only did I findeverything I deleted but I even recovered a couple of really old pictures too!

There's also VAIOSoft Recovery Manager which is free.


PhotoRescue is another program that looked promising, but it costs $29 (soon $39). If I remember correctly, Ibelieve that the free demo is crippled and only shows you thumbnails of the recovered pictures without purchasing the full version. Since the free programs worked fine, I didn't bother purchasing.


Good luck!
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