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Hello all.

I have an Olympus D-600L. It's a great camera but it only can take 8MB SM unless you send in the camera for an upgrade. Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade without sending it in, as in do it myself. I bought a 64MB card before I knew I couldn't use it. I don't mind opening it up and having a look-see. But can it even be done..


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A firmware upgrade is required to use larger Smartmedia cards in your model. Firmware is like the camera's operating system, stored in EEPROM. Olympus does not have user upragradeable firmware for your camera. You'll need to send it in.

Here is the only form on their web site I see for the upgrade (it's from 1999, when the largest SM card was only 32mb). You may want to call the number on the form to verify that it's still the right one for the upgrade:


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Nope, there's no way to upgrade the camera yourself (especially since Olympus is very tight with firmware files, that camera may not even have an EEPROM and they may have to replace the ROM, we don't know).

You have to decide whether it's worth paying for the upgrade, or put that money towards a new camera...maybe even a used camera that takes smartmedia cards (on Olympus America's Emporium site, they sometimes have refurbished C-700's).

I was looking at the form Jim posted, and if Olympus wants to jack up the price due to it being so old, tell them the form was just downloaded from their site and they should honour it! My guess is the price has dropped since those days, so you may want to call them first if you decide to do the upgrade.

I had to laugh at the last line of the form, "Nothing's Impossible"...except for doing firmware upgrades yourself!!! (Another thing I yell at Olympus about from time to time.)
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