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How would I set up C-750 for panorama photos?
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First, you need an Olympus branded xD memory card. This is not mandatory but it helps. The panorama function built into the camera won't work without an Olympus brand memory card. (Is this a marketing gimick or what?!? Dumb if you asked me!) If you don't have an Olympus branded card, skip the most of the following and look towards the bottom...

If you are using an Olympus card, go into the mode menu to "Camera" and scroll down to "Panorama". Scroll right by hitting the buttonto the right of "OK" -- this will take you into the "Panorama Mode" on your camera. To the best of my knowledge, the "Panorama Mode" does not work in the "Auto" or "A/S/M" modes. (I use "P" mode a lot.)

You will notice two blue oblong boxes on either side of the viewer (EVF or LCD screen) along with two arrows in the middle. The boxes give you a guide for how much minimal overlap you'll need (remember where you left off from your previous picture (if that makes sense)) and the arrows indicate the direction to take your pictures in. You can change the direction by hitting one of the buttons surrounding the "OK" button; this will allow you to go right, left, up, or down OR you can rotate your camera orientation to "portrait" and adjust accordingly.

Set your picture up before you take any actual shots. Zoom, focus,and other settings are locked in once you start. I try to vision what the shot is going to look like. I zoom in (or out) as needed and usually lock the exposure and focus in (half press the shutter button) on a "critical" part of the picture before I start taking any actual shots.

I think you can get about 9 shots in a panorama series before the camera says "enough already." And you can exit the panorama mode anytime by pressing the "OK" button.

FYI, I keep an Olympus card in my C-730 and have the one of the menu selection keys "custom set" to "Panorama" so that when I press the "OK" button (before going into the "Mode Menu"), I get the opportunity to select "Panorama" by hitting the button at the top of the "OK" button.

Using the Panorama mode on the camera lets you create panorama pictures using the Olympus Camedia software. The pictures are "marked" as being in a series for a panorama. Select panorama from the menu and drag your pictures into the frame; click on "create" (or something like that) and you get a pretty decent looking panorama. I use this a lot with my C-730 and have been very pleased with the results.

If you don't have an Olympus branded card, set up you shot by locking in the exposure (push and hold the "AEL" (auto exposure lock) button) and focus (push and hold "OK" to lock in manual focus). Set your picture up by locking these settings in looking again at a critical area of the panorama shot you want to take. As with the Olympus "panorama" function, it takes a little practice but will yield some great shots. The Olympus Camedia software will not recognize these shots as "panorama" so you will need to use your photo editing software to create your panorama picture. "Panorama Factory" has received some very good user comments here and may be worth exploring. The one advantage to using this "manual mode" to create apanorama picture is that you're not limited to how many shots in a row you're limited to by the Olympus camera function and software. You could create a very nice panorama by using 4 or 5 shots across and 3 or 4 shots vertical (say, 4 rows with 5 shots in each.) In this case, you're only limited by your imagination and software used to create the final picture.

A long wind-bag answer. Hope this has helped.

Now go out and take some great panorama pictures!

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07

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