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I have a question, if some one know the answer? .

The Olympus C2500 L digital camera ( I know it old but the lens is very good for a digital camera and the resolution is enough for my needs )can it take the 1,2 or 4 GB compact flash type 1 cards

I have email Olympus but no answer.

Thanks in advance epe50 Edward
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I can tell you for sure thatthe 8x"USB Enabled" Lexar 128mb CompactFlash Card being sold with the Jumpshot Readerin May 2000 should work.I owned aC-2500L for a brief period, and bought this Lexar card in May 2000 from what I can figure out from checking my records.

BTW, I distinctly remember doing some speed tests at that time, and SmartMedia was faster than this particular CompactFlash card. :-)

As for larger than 128mb, I did find two forum entries where users said that they got a 256mb card to work(but one user indicated that he couldn't get larger sizes to work). But, it may have must been the brand of card thatwas being tried.

Olympus also had a firmware upgrade available for it back then, requiring you to send the camera back to them (nothing to do with memory size).Here is the page that explains which cameras can benefit from the upgrade. If you look at the firmware upgrade coupon, it explains what it adds:


Here is where I found it:


I'll move this post down to the Olympus Forum. Maybe you'll have better luck finding someone that's tried a larger card.

I can tell you for sure that anything over 2gb will not work (since that requires FAT32). Based on forum posts I've seen, it's doubtful that the 1GB size will work either (but, you're *probably* safe with a 256mb).
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