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Hey i'm having some problems taking good pictures when the lighting is very bright. sometimes i am shooting into the sun, but not always. But in most cases with very bright light, i'm getting bleached out skys, where you can't evendistinguish clouds, it just looks like its on fire. I am able to improve them with postwork but i think its an overexposure problem?

I've left the camera on AUTO and also on P mode with default settings. I dont know much about adjustments and photography

I appreciate any suggestions that could help improve my pictures (i attached a sample photo)

Using C750UZ

Thanks to all,

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The digital camera doesn't have the dynamic range that the human eye does; as well the brain does a lot of unconcious processing so you see both the blue sky and the dark areas.

The way to overcome that is to shoot multiple frames (one for the highlights and one for the shadows; using bracketing is the easiest way to adjust settings without having to move your finger off the shutter release and lose your framing) and then use digital blending of those two images.

It's all explained at:
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A simpler, in-camerasolution: once you've selected ISO, zoom setting, etc. point your camera at the brightest source of light - in this case, the sky. Lock exposure by pressing the AEL button. Re-compose - this should reduce overexposure. It's not an exact science, but a matter of personal taste, might take a few different tries to get the exposure you like best. Another, even simpler approach: Use P(rogram) mode and use left and right arrow keys to adjust exposure: + settings will overexpose, - settings will underexpose. You want to underexpose.In the photoyou posted you would probably have to setexposure compensation to-.7 or-1.0.Goal is a blue sky.

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thank you i will try both methods, i appreciate the input.

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