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I was planning on travelling with a fuji 5100 but it's a little bulky and the C-750 has most of it's features short of great video.

I'm reading everywhere however that it has serious focusing issues as well that it is slow, and that it doesn't produce sharp images. One said she hated thier camera!

Is this rubbish? I am looking for a good all around camera with AA batts. Pocketable would be very nice. Explored all other options.

Is this true just in low light? (How low is low light by the way for this camera)

I'm also a bit concerned re: using Manual mode. On the dial it's shared 2 other modes. Using a 765 at the store was confusing and not intuitive for me.

lastly, purple fringing... this is only on high contrast at low light? how about normal light shots?

Are discriminating users overall happy with their C-750?

I'm considering just settling for the canon A-95. Would this be wimping out?

Thank You,
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I would say, "Mostly Rubbish" to those other comments. Firstly, in most situations, the focus is fine and probably as good as most other digitals. But you must realize that when you get up near 10x on the zoom, there is slightly more problem focussing. True with any 10x. It just takes a little longer in low light situations. Sometimes in a not well lit indoor shot, I have to focus on something with good contrast and then swing the camera to the subject. Doesn't happen often.

Pictures from this camera are extremely sharp and well focussed normally. Battery life is fantastic with NMHD batteries.

As far as purple fringing...mostly at 10x zoom, brightly back lit subjects. True, I think with all 10x cameras.

Camera has a lot of neat features but it takes some time to fully appreciate them.

As an alternative, I would look at the Minolta Z3, which has 12x zoom with stabilization and supposedly very fast focus and even uses AA batteries which seems to becoming rare on the new cameras.

I'm very happy with my C-750, but if I was buying today, I might consider the Z3.


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Sometimes it helps to know how focusing actually works to understand the situation and why it takes long zoom cameras longer to focus; this system is used on most digital cameras, sometimes with the aid of a focus assist beam (which is only good for lighting up the scene 10 feet or less, rarely any further distance):


With long zooms zoomed in it's harder to hold the camera still so it's harder for the camera to focus.

A trick that's used in low light (when people aren't in the scene) is to use a laser pointer that has a pattern, the camera can focus on the pattern.
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