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:-)UZ is just an amazing camera -
There is nothing to beat it even today. I did some comparison using several top rated cameras with the UZ. Same picture taken at same time-informal comparisons. Picture takes with each model are significantly different enough that no microscopic comparion was required.
All comparison was done in the automatic mode, although if the results came clearly inferior to UZ in auto mode, I did go back and try to get the best shot out of the others.

I did this since I just want a higher Megapixel replacement for the UZ since mine is now getting worn out. Although I still want the long zoom first I wanted to find out what the best non slr currently out there.

I first tested it with a borrowed G6 - appears to have the best reviews in all non slr categary. When it came to indoor pictures or the most natural colors outdoor G6 was no match to the UZ. G6 was however the best of the rest.

The FZ20 - I was disappointed. Thought this will be the replacement for the UZ. Pictures came out dull. Indoor performance was poor in comparison to the UZ. Indoor Pictures seem reddish in appearance. tried different WB settings. No good.

W2 and V1 - tried these out since I was able to get hold of them easily. If I had never compared the same picture with that taken with the UZ I might have accepted the results. After comparing with the UZ I just could not accept it.

My last hope for now is the Nikon 8800. Anybody tried it with the UZ ?

There is something in the UZ that make it still outstanding. Metering ? Focusing ? Whats the secret sause. Any idea anyone. I would like to know so I just can look for the same in the next potential camera.

I wonder if any of the professional reviewers have gone back and tested the UZ with the best of today.

PS: These are just my opinions on what I observed in my *****h for a UZ replacement. Others may have a different opinion.

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There is quite a bit of discussion on the Panasonic board about indoor settings. It takes a little tweaking, but they can get nice indoor shots.

I find the lens to be sharp on my FZ10. Color and warmth are a matter of taste. You could probably crank up the saturation and get an image you like, or there are cool and warm settings. I always shoot with minimum sharpening and contrast with all of my cameras because they post process better, so I am accustomed to having the images directly from the camera a little dull. I run a batch action in Photoshop to get them the way I want them for normal viewing but also save the flat originals for post processing. I could set Photoshop to give just about any look I want.

You aren't going to get the noise characteristics on a higher pixel camera with the same sensor size. They have made improvements as they have increased the pixel density, but not enough to completely compensate. To make a fair comparison you have to view the comparison images at the same screen size rather than 100%. At 100% the higher pixel images will show more noise because, in effect, you are blowing them up. Even at the same size the lower density sensors usually produce a better image.

I would point out the 8800 is f4.9 at full zoom compared to f2.8 on the FZ20 – defeats a lot of the advantage of stabilization. I haven't done the math, but I think the pixel density is less even though it is a higher Mp. It probably has better noise characteristics if that is the case.

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I mentioned this on another thread but here it is again...

You could...

"Update" your sensor on Olympus 2100 uz to 5-8 megap.

Replace Smartmedia slot with Compact Flash slot.

Can't be done you might say?

Tell that (that "can't" thing) to Mission Control of Apollo 13.

Two cents

I have graduated from my Oly 2100uz but still have not found a dig cam that comes close given all its capabilities. I could easily print tack sharp 8 x 10 portraits from it.

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Old Dec 4, 2004, 11:52 AM   #4
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I'll add my 2 cents worth on the Uzi...I own and use D!x, LC5, and various

other digital cameras. NOTHING really compares with the TOTAL PERFORMANCE

of the Uzi....period. When I want to be SURE of getting a really usable

picture indoors in poor light with no flash, it is the Uzi and nothing else

does as well. Why? I wish I knew.

I can handhold at 1/2 second in very poor light, no flash...in Program mode...and get

reasonabally sharp and BRIGHT, CONTRASTY results. And, in the 2 0r 3 years

that I have owned Uzis, I have had absolutely no trouble that I didn't cause

all by myself.
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Old Feb 28, 2005, 11:56 AM   #5
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Does anybody know why whey have discontinued this model?
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Old Mar 1, 2005, 6:14 PM   #6
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i,ve had the uzi since it came out i now have the canon g5 and the oly 8080. all three are great cameras but the uzi has never let me down and still a joy to shoot
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Old Mar 21, 2005, 6:59 AM   #7
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Just stumbled onto your post re: updating 2100UZ but could not find the detailed posting you memtioned. Can you guide me to it?
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I have retired my uz2100 and converted to Kodak.

I may be interested in selling my uz, some 128 sm chips and a oly aux tel that fits/works very nice plus the instruction book.

Just bought a second Kodak with 10x optical. That uz made addictied to telephoto, was more of a wide angle guy when I was into 35mm.

Have no idea how much to ask but will consider and potential buyers offer.

Digital regards,



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Old Dec 15, 2005, 3:14 PM   #9
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lukkiee wrote:
Does anybody know why whey have discontinued this model?

The C2100uz uses real optical image stabilization - hence the long lens "snout" - and this proved to be too expensive for Olympus as they had to be bought from Canon

All of the new OlympusUZ cameras are non-stabilized and unusable except outdoors in the bright sunlight, but it allowed them to sell them cheaper. And Olympus wonders why they are always losing money ...

Of course this is why Panasonic is selling so many oftheir FZ series with its optically stabilized Leica lens. People just don't understand that you need a lot of light to use a 10-12x lens anywhere except outdoors unless you push the ISO to 400 or faster to increase the shutter speeds. Even the steadiest photographer has problems with camera shake at 400mm and beyond.
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