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Default infrared filter

Does anyone know if doubling to two weak infrared filters will result in one strong one, or not? I have a deep red filter now, and can't afford a new expensive one, but can buy a cheaper, similar one.; would that work?
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Hoya has some great IR filters. They're
not too expensive.

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I don't think so because those deep red filters cut off visible light up to a certain wavelegth, or frequency. The infrared filters cut off at a lower than red wavelength, and thus the name infra-red. Stacking two deep red filters still won't work as a single infrared one. Exemplifying into layman's terms, stacking two sieves of the same sifting grade won't stop finer grains from going through both of them. Also, by stacking the filters you could end up with vigneting depending on the focal length used.

Hope I am not discouraging you from pursuig infrared imagery. The Hoya R72 or B+W 092 filters (to name a few - I own a 092 filter) are not true infrared filters, as they still allow a very tiny ammount of visible light to pass through (you still get the white foliage and black skies if that's what you want to get). I believe the Hoya R90 and B+W 094 (which are the really expesnsive ones) have cut off points deep into the infrared region, perhaps even cutting off some infrared! No visible light gets through. I had several links to infrared related sites but lost them all after I overhauled my machine
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I read a article on an infraed site, that explained a poormans way to get the infraed filter effect. Take 2 pieces of Ektachrome sheet film, and have the unexposed sheets processed. The resulting film will block visiable light while still transmitting infraed light. Start with a single sheet, then add a second if needed. These also work great as flash covers, blocking the visable light, but still illuminating the subject area. Just a thought.
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