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I would love some input here. I have had the c2100 for a few years. I absolutely love it but... I really would like something I put in a small case & carry in my purse (yes, I carry a good size purse)

I like the size and review of the C765 - especially as I do NOT want to give up the 10x zoom. Problem is I can't afford to get a new cam without selling the 2100 so I want to be sure the replacement is comparable.

Also - I have the b300 lens now, is there something comparable for the C765? Is the 765 able to handle add on lenses?

Thanks for all the help, I relied heavily on advise from this board when I bought the 2100 and I never regretted it.
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Hi Diane,

Here are some thoughts on issue you posed...

One, your 2100 is still a soughtafter dig cam. You could make $200-250 easy on Ebay if you write a good ad.

The plus is the B300 which is scarce.

2100 + B300 + some smartmedia thrown in could net you close to $400 on Ebay.

However, I would keep your 2100. It is too good a digcam to let go.

Save for a new dig cam.

Dont know about B300 (55mm threads) with Oly 765 lens...anybody know?
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The B300 will work on the c765 which takes the CLA-4 Olympus adapter which has 55mm threads.

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Old Dec 7, 2004, 12:14 PM   #4
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From what I've read in this forum, the 2100 seems to still be a much loved camera, and it has image stablization technology which the 765 does not have (and none of the 700 series has it, correct?).

I would say that if you've got used to the performance characteristics of the 2100, you might find the 765 a step down, if only for the lack of IS.

I don't have a 2100 (but really wanted one way back when). I do have a 765 and really like it. But it doesn't inspire the same rave reviews that the 2100 seems to still get.

Good luck,

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Yes, I have noticed that too. I'm still soooo torn! I really can't afford to buy a new camera without selling the other. But after re-reading this forum and others (I haven't in quite a long time) I can't seem to bring myself to give up the 2100. I have never had a complaint other than its just to big to take everywhere I go (in a case withextra batteries, lenses, B300, etc)and the 765 is so much smaller. I am concerned about the lack of IS too, I don't have the steadiest hands, even with the 2100 I get some fuzzy pics from time to time. Decisions, decisions!
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If it helps, I bought my father a C-740. He gave it back after he didn't use it-too complicated. I was overjoyed! Finally I have a modern camera! After using it for a few days, and some advice from Steve's, I'm going to explain again how to use it (AUTO!), and make index cards if I have to! There was nothing there to compare to the UZI. (I wasn't impressed by my fiancé's Cannon A-85, either)

Geez, maybe you could just get a cheapie as your ‘sidearm.' There's certainly many for under $200 and some for about $100 if you look at the big discounter's loss leaders. They will give you adequate ‘snapshots' and you won't have any illusions/disappointments as to what you bought!

(oh, btw, this camera gets a lot bigger when you put on the adaptor, which you'll need for the add on lenses and filter. It seemed to make sense to leave it on, as it sealed the lens apparatus.)
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Ok - all of you were right! (thats why I rely so heavily on this forum).

My husband bought me the C770 for Christmas. I tried everything to get a "crisp" picture and couldn't do it. Took the same shots with my 2100, no effort & they were perfect. The image stabilization is obviously a neccessity for me as I said, my hands aren't the steadiest so every picture was fuzzy (even those without zoom). To be honest, even putting the camera on a table & using the remote, the pictures weren't as good as handheld with my 2100. Like life itself, you sometimes take things for granted. I have a whole new appreciation for my 2100.

So, my decision is to try 1 other (image stabilized) camera to carry in my pocketbook (the FZ3) but it will be an addition to my 2100 NOT a replacement. I will NEVER get rid of my 2100!

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