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I am using the High Speed Extreme 1 gig CF card and a 256 meg Olympus XD card.

I tend to agree with the comment that I didn't need this high speed card.

This is an area where the camera could have been improved .. ie processing speed and buffer.

I wonder if this is a hardware issue or it is software which could be fixed by a firmware upgrade.

I went out today to start practicing the stuff this group has taught me.

I did get the finger stuff down and paid great attention to the green button focus lock indicator. That helped.

I went to our local mall which had many differentlighting conditions and shot a bunch.

The mall uses primarily incandescent lighting wher emy home is currently almost all compact florescent. In addition the mall had some (very little)sun light coming in.

Clearly the metering system doesn't work well with this type of bulbs.

In the mall where there was tube florescent it worked well except needing some wb help.

I was able to take pictures w/o flash inarea much darker then at home. In most cases the preview afte th epicture was taken was much brighter. I was using S mode mostly to control the shutter speed and it worked well.

In general I believe this camera is best operated manually using all the techniques I used with my manual film camera. By manuallu controllingth eenvironment I was always able to shoot well and in general the auto modes were not consistentes especially n bright sun light where several times it left the f stop too fast.

The session combined with the support techniques provided here have got me on track. I will switch primarily to manual mode which I understand and continue to read the manual and this forum.

I will also tell my dealer this is a prosumer camera aimed moreat the pro then the typicalconsumer

I am still comfortable with the decision that this camera with its lens gave me a potential that a would require a DSLR which would cost $1000 or more.

Thanks to All Again

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Computer Man,

Am I missing something ?

Are you shooting in JPG, TIFF, or RAW ?????

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I have owned 3 olympus digital cameras, with the latest model being a C-5050. With every new purchase each camera has increased in features and complexity: however, the C-5050 still operates pretty much as a point and shoot in program mode. It also works very well in low light, hand held. I recently purchased a Nikon coolpix 8800 fully expecting the same kind of low light capability, boy was I surjprised. It is not even close to the c-5050 in low light situations. The camera often will not focus at all in either low light or low contrast settings, and additionally I have yet to have any real success with the macro mode. The menu system is more complex than the olympus, and I suspect there is a greater learning curve as well. At this point I am coming to believe that all of the 8 megapixel cameras perform about the same, that is they are more like my old Cannon AE1 SLR, there are just limitiations that the photographer must understand and learn to compensate for.

My advice is to take time to learn your camera, and if you want a point and shoot, you should by a different camera, but do not think the Nikon 8800 will fit the bill.
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I agree, this is not a beginner's camera, unless you're patient and willing to take the time to learn. Else you're likely to find yourself asking why youtook better pics with your old point-n-shoot.

Very pleased with the 8080.
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hittnrunn wrote:
I recently purchase an Olympus 8080WZ. So far, most of my photos are just unacceptable for a camera in this price range, and frankly I am getting frustrated with the camera. Ebay is looking better everyday. I have been tweaking settings trying to learn the camera, but everytime I think I got the settings right, the pictures come out either blurry, dark, or just plain awful. I like the camera, and I am trying to tough it out, but it shouldn't be this difficult to take a decent picture, should it?! <p>Here are my settings:</p>AF,ESP,ISO-50,Digital Zoom-off, Frame Assist-On,<p>Now in M,S,A, mode all of my picture come out super dark, almost like I'm shooting in a dark room, it evens happens outdoor in broad daylight. <p>Like I said, I really like this camera, and I am willing to put out the effort to learn it, but I'm getting to the point of no return and the Nikon D70 and Nikon 8800 are starting to look like gold to me. <p>Please help me with my ongoing Olympus 8080 dillemma. <p>Also note: I am new to the digital world and this is my first "High-End" digital camera. I also own a SONY-PSC72, and taking picture with that isn't nearly a headache as it is with the 8080.<p> I almost forgot to mention I have recently updated the firmware for the 8080, and if that doesn't help anything, I may decide to throw this thing off the highway overpass.
hittnrunn, I have the EXACT same focus problem with my Olympus C8080 digital camera. It is VERY frustrating. I have already performed the firmware update. It didn't seem to help at all. The camera did work great (in focus) for about week or sowhen I first got it. One day the focus just started to act up and it's been out-of-focus ever since. I use the full auto-mode all of the time (the "P" setting). I know the camera can take a good picture. It's just the auto focus that's getting confused. PIECE OF CRAP CAMERA!!! Any solutions???
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Ive had the c8080 for a year now and still have not yet mastered the camera. There are so many variables to choose from. I mainly use the camera in manual mode and set the camera up as best I can before I start shooting, eg looking at lighting conditions, my subject, still shot, fast moving, etc. a bit of planning goes a long way to capture that special photo. I have had some issues with focusing but if focus is a problem I'll use the manual focus, yes the crappy manual focus is ok once you get use to it.
I find it interesting when people talk about write times to their camera, anything is fast enough when compared to waiting until you have finished the roll of film taking it to the processors to be developed and then picking it up an hour or two later only to find out that out of your 24 shots you have only 2 to 5 good ones.. One day 5/100th of a second will not be fast enough.
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Just had camera for week now and one thingI noticed about this camera is p mode stll gives u a lot of control on exposere omponsation and f stop if u use or press the nav pad at any time a small s appears this indicates that shooting mode has changed and pressing left or right on nav pad changes exposure componsatin if all reset is not set to on then these changes still take effect. Its somthing u need to keep ur eye on. Also when u are viewing ur pics and say its out of focus how much are u zooming in as with 8m pixels it tends to go like a blur rather than going pixalated mabay giving u a false impression of being out of focus. Olympus could have taken a leaf out of canons book and put and auto mode in as this would be great when u give someone else the camera u dont need to worry them accidently changing settings and still get a good pic I have canon A80 and its a great little Digi cam but wanted somthing a lttle more powerful. also try changing focus method eg spot focus and mabay use "A" mode and set to f4 or somthing this should keep most subjects in focus and background or vise versa.

Learn to use the direct acess keys with scroll wheel and program hot keysGREAT idea. and always keep an eye on info.

love olympus hisogram feature another Great Idea

Olympus software not as good as canons. I use canons sofware for panarama feature a lot better anyone use this feature get a hold of canons sofware.

And try picasa software its free and great.


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