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:sad:I have an Olympus c4040 and 2 years ago it decided to not focus anymore (I have since bought a c-5050 and love it) but now 2 yrs later it would be nice to have the c4040 as a back up camera. It failed me after taking a movie clip. When I returned it back to photo mode, it will not focus. The photos are completly blurry, indoors and outdoors. Just wondering if: 1.) I can doa total camera RESET, 2.) Get an approx fee for repair. or 3.) Have a checklist of what things should be set at.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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If you check out the review of the C-4040z on this site, you'll see the menus described. Under Setup, you'll find a Menu Choice for ALL RESET. Turn it ON.

ALL RESET - Off, On or Custom: On resets all settings to default when power is turned off, the Off setting retains all current settings. Custom is a sub-menu of five pages where you can individually select the options to be reset or retained (see next frame).


You may also want to try leaving the batteries out for a day ortwo (sometimes that will cause everything to reboot back to factory defaults).

I'd make sure it isn't something very simple (for example, you accidently put the camera in either Macro or Manual Focus Modes).

For repair pricing in the U.S., Olympuscan be reached at 800-622-6372. I can't tell where you're located since you didn't include this information in your profile.

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I've tried the RESET and the Battery removal avenues....no luck...Guess I'll be possibly upgrading my 5050 to the 8080:-) I would have liked the 4040 as a back up but cameras are cheaper now and I'm not sure the repair bill would be worth it.

BTW, I'm from Massachusetts.
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