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kandyj Nov 13, 2002 7:46 PM

2100-uz hand or tripod held
I should be getting my new 2100-uz tomorrow, and thanks to this website was able to figure out that it was the best camera in that price range for my particular needs (wildlife/nature photography).

Anyway, do most of you still use a tripod when taking pics with the zoom, or does the image stabilization feature make enough difference that it's not very necessary????

thanks, in advance. Hope to have some new pics up after this weekend!

Herb Nov 13, 2002 8:08 PM

C2100 and 10x zoom
Whether you're using the zoom or not, it's best to hold the camera as still as you can. I do this and I've been amazed at how well it performs, hand-held, even at 10x zoom.

Try it. You'll like it!

TonyG Nov 13, 2002 8:36 PM

I would have thought difficult for nature to use a tripod. Surely the subjects gone by the time you set up :)

kandyj Nov 13, 2002 9:03 PM

tripod and wildife photography
Actually, i have a quick release on my camera so when taking some pictures of some elk that were pretty still grazing in the fields, I could use it. Also, am wanting to get some shots of my bluebirds at their house, so can set up for that.

I guess I will try both when I get to use it, hopefully this weekend, thanks!

fotograafdigi Nov 14, 2002 4:55 AM

Image stabilisation
You'll propably only need a tripod for nightshots.

Even at dawn / dusk, at shutterspeeds around 1/20 at FULL zoom, you'll find the IS makes for 99 out of 100 images perfectly sharp / still, unless you have VERY shaky hands :)

I even have a picture of a roe-deer, taken under dark clouds, during RAIN! around dusk (about 10 minutes before FULL-dark), shutterspeed: 1/2 Sec! Handheld :) makes a fine 8"x10" on my wall :)

You'll never ever ever ever regret getting a C2100 for wildlife!

I've been so happy with it (even though I own more camera's), that I've been condidering getting a back-up C2100 extra should my current one ever die.

Anyhow, enjoy!!!!!!!! You'll be amazed at the zoom + low-shutterspeeed-handheld combination :) the I.S. is what 'makes' this cam to my eye :)

Happy shooting!

lg Nov 16, 2002 2:22 AM

Hand hold most of my shots...
You can hand hold virtually any shot during the day... even fully zoomed, it's possible to get great shots at shutter speeds as slow as 1/8 - 1/4 sec. At dusk or dawn you may want to steady yourself against a tree or other sturdy object... but at any rate, I haven't found the need for a tripod for anything other than night shots (unless of course you want to get into the picture yourself :D :!: )

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