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BTW, did you try the bump test with the CR-V3 batteries installed...I'm thinking it might be a manufacturing glitch inside the camera (it's possible).

BTW, did you read the manual about what types of batteries not to use (the shape of the negative terminal)? Although AA batteries are a similar size and shape around the world, there are differences and even in North America I've seen several different designs for the negative terminal, and some of those you can't use in the camera...if that's the type you're trying to use, you'd definately have problems.
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Mike, Joe experienced this problem with three different cameras, one straight out of the box. Have a look at the dpreview thread I gave the link to above. Several people have reproduced this behavior in several different Olympus cameras. Probably not a big deal, but it's definitely there. Since people report that the problem is solved (at least temporarily) by adjusting the spring leafs in the battery compartment, poor contact seems the likely culprit.
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