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Hello all,

I just purchased the Panasonic DMC-FZ3 camera and have been testing it out these past two days. So far, the pics seem to be okay, much thanks to the IS. However, the Olympus has caught my attention due to its size, 4 MP, price and overall excellent reviews. With all that said, for those of you that have tested and/owned the two different cameras, which one would you go with? The biggest drawback of the C-765 is the obvious lack of IS. Has this been a big problem when taking shots of moving subjects, objects and sports actions?

Please let me know what you guys think.

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I have not used the C-765, but I own its predecessor, the C-740 and played around with the FZ3 I bought for my Dad for about a week or so.

Personally, I prefer the pictures from the Oly straight out the camera, b/c they appear sharper and more saturated, but that might just be personal preference (and some have alleged that Oly deliberately oversharpens and oversaturates pics for people like me).

Also, reviewing the pictures is a lot faster on the Oly, plus I like the 3:2 mode, but those are minor things.

The Pany had a bunch of things going for it--much faster operation, including the flash which indoors was often ready as soon as the picture had been written to the card.

I believe that the movie mode might be better on the C-765 (the one on the C-740 is crappy), but I wouldn't let that sway my decision.

Plus, IS is a big plus UNLESS you're only taking pictures in broad daylight with lots of sunshine or always use a tripod, anyway. I love pics from the Olympus (had a C-700 before), but if they don't have an UZ with IS when I'm ready to upgrade next time, I'll have to desert them.

When I don't use a tripod, camera shake does ruin a fair share of pictures, even outdoors.

As far as megapixels, 3 is plenty up to 8x10, especially b/c zoom allows you to frame your shot how you want it, eliminating the need for a lot of cropping afterwards.

Moving subjects or sports action will be tough for either--IS cannot compensate for movement, you'd need faster shutter speed for that.

I think you made the right choice, UNLESS a good movie mode is a must, or if you like Oly pictures better, and expect to print at more than 8x10 a lot.
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Just want to say that I agree with 'thebac' I too have a C-740 & my wifes cousin has a C-765. However the Panny should be respected as an excellent alternative. Just a case of swings and roundabouts I guess.
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