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I just got my C-5060 today and am rather impressed. However, while I am charging my battery for the first time, I have noticed that there is a very slight amount of "play" or up and down motion in the lens. I noticed this while cleaning off the very small amount of dust that accumulated. As I would touch the lens, I could hear it "click" a bit as it moved.

I called Olympus and a tech said this is normal. Has anyone else experienced this? It's very slight but still, a bit unnerving. I do wonder if this will affect the camera's ability to lock into focus.

Thanks for any advice here.
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I have a c8080 and it does the same thing. All I've read up on it's normal.
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Lo Solar,

I have a Kyocera M410r wich also has this small play, i was conserned about
it at first then i went to a rack of camera's in a shot to test and a lot of cameras
have this so it should be normal.... (maybe this is for shock absorbing )


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It also exists with the Minolta DiMage Z series and, according to a post on the Fuji forum, the S5100.
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