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I have a problem with the lens cover. After a drop the camera won't
power up after sliding the cover aside. Unmounting the cover, you can
see that a small part of the little black plastic knob is probably missing.
Turning this knob ("activating lever"?) manually with a finger makes the camera power up, however. So I guess the missing part normally is affected by the
cover mechanically making the camera to power up.

Does anyone has a picture of the camera without the cover? If I can
get the part from Olympus, how hard can it be to mount it yourself?
Has anyone opened the camera? It may be possible to "rebuild" the
missing part...? But how? I have seen the discussion here previous but with no answer. Maybe the spare parts at https://emporium.olympus.com/innards/emp.asp?counter=&p=16&getparts=yes&pro ductParts=902&submit1=Go
is a solution. But I live in Sweden so it will be difficult getting these items. Maybe from my national Olympus agent...

Any tips appreciated!!


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Hi Erik:

In hopes of finding a probable solution for my problem listed on this website, I opened the camera completely (incl. the shutter). In fact, the shutter assembly much simpler than it was. If you look at the shutter cover, you will find two screws. Basically, if you unscrew these two screws, the shutter would magically popoff without any need to open the camera cover.

Initially I was under the impression that the activating level was more like a ON/OFF switch placed horizontally that would turn on when the slider moves left, and off when it moves right. However, based on my observation, I discovered that the activating lever is a carbon filament that slides inbetween the grove provided in the shutter to make the contact and it does not move at all.

I pretty much sure you can find a replacement on ebay for this! Olympus has service centres worldwide. So, you can get it replaced from virtually anywhere. In my experience, my suggestion is to google for an agent for your country as opposed to visiting Olympus website as the info was more relavant and precise.

Best of luck.

- forevertechie
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Also a word of caution regarding opening the lens cover...
1. Doing so might void your warranty
2. I'm not sure about the difficulty level of replacing this part myself as I suppose that this part would most certainly be linked to the circuitry deep inside the camera.

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I have a simlar problem. The lens cover does not activate the lens to pop out. I have tried 3 batteries and nothing. I removed the lens cover 2 screws and cleaned up the contact area...still the lens does not activate at all. I seem to have no power to the camera, as I cannot hear any mechanism trying to open the lens.

Any suggestins on what to do. My niece had the same problem and had Olympus repair it for $130 bucks.


ed (trd99v6)
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