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Well, I fought with poor autofocus on my Olympus 8080 from the begining. Then I read this forum and got excited about the fact that probably I am doing something wrong myself .... I played with the camera, updated the firmware,I tried all kinds of settings and no matter what I did - the result is still the same - blurry images - most of them.
I am not not a pro but not a novice either. This camera took some nice pics in sunlight for me but there was nothing but frustration with it indoors or in dim light.

Just take a look - may be you can tell me what I am doing wrong ....Here are two images , both of them are taken at the same time, both have the same settings. one is not in focus at all, the other on is so-so. They both are overexposed a bit as I forgot to change the ISO but that is not the issue ... am I doing something wrong or should I just ditch the camera for something else or exchange it?

The files are large 3.5M here are the links:


expert advice is very welcome
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Hi,well I am not an expert by any means,but I have been using the 8080 for awhile. When you are shooting with this camera,make absolutely sure that before taking the picture the little green lamp is not blinking,its easy to miss and its the only focus indicator it has. I don't know why ,but it is easy to miss this,at least it was for me. This camera has a tough time focusing when there is little contrast,especially at telephoto and wide open, just make sure the green lamp is steady. The camera is also very unforgiving of any camera shake at all, I don't know why,but it is, just a tiny bit of shake and in comes a little blurriness. I seen some very nice landscapes from this camera,and 99% of them were shot with a tripod. If shooting indoors with a flash,note that your shutter speed ,at wide angle,can go down 1/30 ,so any movement at this slow speed even with the flash and the picture gets tossed. It goes a uplittle at telephoto to 1/80 or so. This is not a fast point and shoot camera,I have found,it is ,as I read somewhere, more like usinga medium format camera. Anyway,I would give it a little time and practice with it and you still can't get the results you want,exchange it or get some other make. Remember,this is supposed to be fun! Not too much expert advice here,but this has been my experience with this camera.
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Make sure you've enabled P-AF (so camera uses both contrast detection AND passive phase detection). I have not experienced any problem w/ AF on my 8080 - have achieved accurate focus lock in extremely low light conditions (at wide).
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