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I'm new to the site and have just posted this under the shopping for cameras discussion. Thesub-heading instructedto put such posts there exclusively, but since I am asking specifically about Olympus models, I thought I'd get informed advice here. Hope my post is not a breach of the rules.

I'm shopping for my first digital camera. I own OM-1 and OM-2 film cameras. I'm selecting between these Olympus models: C-770/765 UZ (4 megapixels), C-5500 Sport Zoom (5 megapixels), C-7000 (7 megapixels). The choice is difficult because of the varying features. I've got a couple questions, the answers to which might help me choose one model with more confidence. BTW, I shoot lots outdoors, landscapes, cityscapes, nature, animals, sky, water, portraits—the works. When I can afford to, I'll eventually but an SLR; but for now I need something to learn on—specifically how to negotiate a menu and all the features and settings.

1.) Sensor size - as it may apply to aperture range.

The C-770 and C-765 Ultra Zooms have the larger 1/2.5"sensor and low-end f. range of 2.8-3.7 compared to the C-7000 and C-5500 which have the 1/1.8" sensor and low-end f. range of 2.8-4.8.

a. I'm wondering if this added aperture capacity in the C-770/765 is due to the sensor size?…or the lens?…or a combination of these?…or/and other obvious factors? I figure added aperture capacity is always a good thing.

b. Not sure about the sensor-size angle of my query; is bigger always better? Does lager sensor = more sensitivity?

2.) RAW. The C-7000 model is the only one of these which has RAW, the other three use TIFF (and, of course, all have JPEG). I know that I have read on one of these review sites that RAW is superior to TIFF.

Highest resolution on the cameras I'm looking at is:




I have never taken a single digital photo nor have I used photo software—so I don't know exactly what to expect from this medium; however, I anticipate cropping/enlarging, and perhaps printing crops.

a. Will the quality of pictures in general and crops in particular be better from RAW? I suppose because of RAW's higher resolution in this case the answer is yes.

b. If I choose the awesome 10X zoom (38-380mm) of the C-770/765 with 2288x1712 maximum resolution, am I likely to be saying in pp, "Man, I wish I had 3072x2304 resolution to work with instead of 2288x1712."

I am amazed that of these cameras only the C-7000 has a shutter speed of 1/2000, the C-770/765 and C-5500 reach only 1/1000! Is this not really poor for cameras of this level?

Thanks for any help.
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