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Default Noisy 730

Anyone else noticed the noise generated by the C730 is quite high.

I recently printed a couple of pics out and this was when I first noticed it. On closer inspection it generates the kind of noise my 3020 does when in ISO 200 mode. If you compare pics from both cams the 3020's look much cleaner (less noise). Once you notice this noise you become tuned to it and the pictures just look dirtier (noisier) than others.

I downloaded a few images to see if it was just my cam and it aint, it seems inherent. You can post process a lot of it out but you really shouldn't have to.

Take a pic from a 730 and blow it up to 7:1 say and you'll notice purplely blotches in the dark areas. Look carefully at even well exposed areas and you'll notice graininess considerably more than other Olys. These show up better on printed pics.

I've heard another chap complain about this and sent his camera back. In the end he bought something else instead.

The noise is so bad it makes ISO 200/800 unusable.

As I said above the overall effect is the images look dirty. They lack that clean smoothness associated with Olys.

I've tried turning down the sharpness and contrast to little or no avail.

Looks like I'm stuck with post processing until I can afford something better. I wonder if this could be fixed with a firmwear update.

I'll be contacting Olympus.
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The C-730 is definitely noisier than most. Could you post some 1:1 comparison shots with contrast, sharpness and color saturation turned down vs. default settings? I've been looking for some like that.

Have you run the pixel mapping routine? Bradly at dpreview has posted some tips to use with pixel mapping that he believes made a big difference in noise. His shots do appear less noisy than most now, though he was ready to send the camera back before running the pixel mapping.

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See this lot!

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Have been considering buying this camera (between this and 602) and am discouraged by reading this, and the dpreview - similar topic.
Am going to be mainly using it outdoors for wildlife/safari hence interested in the big zoom, and it appears everyone is happy with outdoors performance. But may want to do indoor party/pub shots of friends just for fun, is the image quality really that bad, or will it be ok for fun shots.
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I just keep my C-730 set to ISO 100 and I mostly use "P" or "MyMode". "Auto" seems to push the ISO up too much for me. The problem with the C-730 is its ability to focus in low level light -- no focus assist. Manual focus works but it's no where as easy to use as on a classic SLR.

Even with these shortcomings, I've enjoyed my C-730 a lot and find it an easy to use digital camera that even my wife isn't afraid to pickup and use.

Paul in NoVA
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