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hakaplan wrote:
Yes, but for the same number of megapixels, doesn't a smaller sensor produce more noise? And if Olympus were going to move up to 5MP wouldn't they have to increase the size of the sensor?

And, yes, I definitely like the build quality of my 755. And one thing I will say about Olympus, and I don't know if it was accidental or they actually put thought into it, but I think their cameras are some of the most ergonomic and universally operable cameras. I wear glasses all the time and use my left eye to shoot. Try doing that with a Fuji while trying to operate the zoom button. Your thumb is caught between the back of the camera and your glasses. Olympus almost always puts their viewfinder on the far left side and keeps the zoom lever around the shutter button or on top of the smaller cameras. You can use your thumb to actually hold the camera and therefore don't have to keep shifting hand position to operate the zoom. And you can easily use either eye in the viewfinder. I had to narrow down my choices to Olympus, Panasonic and Canon for these reasons, and among the three, when I pick up the Olympus it feels the most natural in my hands. For this reason more than any other, it's likely I'll continue to use it until it dies.
Generally, yes, more photosites on the same sensor leads to more noise. Incidentally, the 2MP C-2100 used a 1/2" sensor, while the 4MP C-750 uses a smaller 1/2.5" sensor. However, the Panasonic FZ5 and FZ20 both have 5MP on an 1/2.5" sensor (though I've read that their noise reduction is very aggressive).

If Oly wanted to go up to 5MP, they could either be more aggressive with the noise reduction or (preferably) increase the sensor size, that's true. I just disagree that the body needs to be much larger if you have a larger sensor--even the large 2/3" sensors in the 8MP prosumers is rather small.

For example, the FZ3 and the new FZ5 share the same body dimensions despite the fact that the FZ5 has a much larger (1/2.5") sensor than the FZ3 (1/3.2"). The difference comes in the lens. While they both have roughly the same 35mm equivalent focal lengths, the FZ5 goes from 6-72mm true focal length, while the FZ3 goes from 4.6-55.2mm.

I agree with the zoom lever next to the shutter as well, that's much nicer than in the back (the FZ3 has it there, too).

Don't get me wrong, I loved my Oly's (the 700 as well as the 740), I was just impressed by the FZ3 when I initially bought one for my Dad.
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[B]Sorry you guy's for not responding sooner but I crashed BIG time, only just got back on line 5 minutes ago after 2 days, hence the early hours, heck I really must get to bed.
'Brilliant' ~ Thank you hakaplan, your comments are really appreciated, I was beginning to have a few doubts, but you have restored the faith, I also appreciate your comments 'thebac', I found it hard to believe the negs' I was hearing about Olympus in certain conditions, but like anything else, it can often be down to the user, I suppose it can be so easy to cause problems if adequate care is not taken. I have printed out your Information and will definitely be using it. I was also very interested in your comments relating to the Macro, sounds excellent. Your comments are really interesting, where on earth do you get the ideas from, probably the same as me in the forums, lol.
I take your point concerning the dratted glasses ~ I got the same problem, they seem to concentrate on small but candidly size wise I would rather have a Fuji, but it's a Fuji and not an Olympus, you get the drift ? I think I would rather they kept the size larger, as I think anyone wearing glasses would agree.
Thank You.
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