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the problem i have is that every time i try to connect the cam to the pc it crashes! the pc freezes the cam doesnt do anything at all.i have been able to get on once and put my pics on the pc....so if it did it once why wont it do it again?? its doin my head in big time!must admit im not that hot when it comes to technology but jeez it should be simple?
if any one can explain to me in laymans terms what im doin wrong i will be eternally grateful.found a glimmer of hope in finding this site n thanx in advance for any help any1 can give.should add that its an olympus c350 zoom and i have installed the camedia software that came with it
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Consider pulling the memory card out of the computer and using a separate card reader instead. Also, don't use the Oly software (you might need to uninstall it). Just access the card as if it were another drive.

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Are you connecting while camera is powered on? Because you shouldn't.
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Why are you connecting the camera to the computer??? Always use a card reader! Not only is it easier and more efficient, but why take the chance of accidently knocking your camera off the desk, or seaching for your camera cables, etc.I keep my card reader on the computer; just slip the card in, and go. Even a cheap multicard reader will read 4 or 5 different card types, so you won't have to change if you change cameras.
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Don't do that.....I have an 8080 and I think it is the same. Plug the camera into the cord to the PC. Then turn the camera ON. Then double click My Computer to view the drives on your computer. The camera just shows up as another drive letter. (H or whatever) Double click the new drive letter/icon and you open up the card in the camera. Double click each folder until you get to the pictures. I select all and move to a new folder on the desktop. Then with the pics still selected, I delete them. Then you must "unplug or eject" hardwarewith the icon in the lower right hand corner of your PC tool tray. Right click it, then left click what pops up. Then pick the camera and click close, close etc. Then turn the camera off, then uplug from the cord. My 8080 with a 1 gig card is a portable hard drive to move any types of files around. I shoot with my pal's D70 Nikon, then bring home the card, put in the 8080 and download the files like any others. The trick is to turn on/off at right times.
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You dont say which OS your using.
With the camera disconnected, shutdown the computer (need to get a full valid shutdown). Connect the camera, turn it on then turn on the computer & boot it up. The OS should detect the camera hardware & tell you what to do (ie, what it's looking for or wants).

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