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Default Panorama shots

I was very interested to see a manufacturer (Olympus) who offers digicam software which allows shots to be "stitched" together.

I am in the construction business. We currently take pictures of with our SLR and tape them side by side in order to allow our clients to better view examples of our work. I am excited about this as a more professional solution. Can they be emailed and printed in this format? Please let me know if you have used this feature and how well it works. Do any other manufacturers offer this? How do you guys handle wide angle shots?
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Most Olympus cameras have a panoramic mode (when you have an Olympus brand memory card in the camera) that puts guidelines on the (electronic) viewfinder/LCD that helps you in forming pans, but it's not necessary as there are many programs on the market that allow you to create panoramic photos, like PhotoVista. There's also software that allow you to create 360x360 degree "pictures" that you can scroll, rotate, zoom, etc. a virtual reality trip, like QuicktimeVR.

Suggest you take a look at this:

Also, the Oly_C-700 Yahoo group had a panoramic assignment and you can see the pictures that were taken at:
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I regularly use the panorama function, and it works quite well. They can be emailed and printed in this format. There are other manufacturers that offer panorama -- I know that some of the newer Canon cameras stitch together panoramas in the camera. You can manually make panoramas taken with any digital camera, and there is software that will allow you to do that. Check out the Panorama Forum to get advice from the real experts on that subject.

With the Olympus Camedia software (I am using v2.5, but there are much newer versions), you can do 2d, 360 degree, or poster panoramas. The 2d can be either horizontal or vertical, panning either left, right, up or down. The poster allows you to paste together tiles of a scene that is both too wide and too tall to view. The 360 degree creates a virtual reality program that allows you to view all directions from where you stand, scrolling as you like.

As far as wide angle, I routinely make panoramas using a .8x teleconverter on my camera, and they stitch together just fine. This is only about a 30mm view, and there's really no distortion when stitched together. Wider angle lenses might be more difficult to match up because of the parallax distortion, but why would you need them if you are going to make a panorama of your shots?

I hope this is helpful, and if you have any more questions, please let us know. There's a wealth of information available from the many users that frequent Steve's Forums.
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