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I'm not a Pro, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

Actually I do know a "Pro" who uses digital. He works for a newspaper. The paper buys the photo equipment and pays big bucks for Kodak DCS760 SLR cameras. These have 6MP resolution and use PCMCIA cards or CF with adapter.

This is a beautiful camera and since Smartmedia maxes out at 128 MB it would be foolish to put a smartmedia slot on the camera.

I doubt any non-pro uses or owns one of these. My 2MP C700 holds 128 HQ pictures on a 64MB and 256 on a 128MB Smartmedia card. That's plenty. Why would I want or need a larger card at 2 or even 3 MP?

I also believe that Smartmedia could have been made at higher density, but since the controller is in the camera and the camera manufacturers have only made cameras that take 128MB cards. If anyone made a 256MB card who would buy it? Nobody, hence the end of the line for Smartmedia was determined to be 128 by conspiracy rather than limit. But that's water under the bridge.

I don't consider capacity to be what determines the superiority of a storage device. I would prefer to have 8 128MB cards that are fast than 1 slow 1GB card. I don't mind swapping cards after 256 shots, or before if the opportunity exists and I'm worried about missing a shot. I've NEVER had the need to take over 256 shots in rapid succession and lost a shot because I had to change my Smartmedia card.
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There are hundreds for sale on ebay at any given time. They should be around for quite a while.

Smartmedia cards are inexpensive. I just bought 3, 32mb cards for $9.99 ea on eBay. With shipping it comes to less than $38, for all three. They are new Olympus cards with Panorama feature.
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Hmmm. Well, this reminds me of the Windows vs. Mac debates I've witnessed on the Photoshop forum. It comes down to a matter of opinion, mostly...in my opinion <g>
I use both SM and CF cards. My E20 has slots for both, and I have come up with a method that works for me. My wife and I go on lengthy trips once or twice a year. Just got back from a Caribbean cruise, followed by a week in New York spending Christmas with daughter and family. I often take hundreds of pictures on one of these forays. I use SHQ mode, so images are around 4MB...about 33 to a 128MB SM card. I have six cards, which only gives me about 200 pix. My solution is to fill the cards during the day, and then transfer the images to an IBM microdrive before I go to bed. I don't leave the MD in the cam. I put it in just for the transfer, and then remove it. It eats the batteries, and I worry about a head crash if I bump the camera into something. The MD holds about 270 images, so I get a combined capacity of almost 500 pix. Enough for most trips. Works for me.
There is no doubt that eventually SM cards will become obsolete. The 128MB limit dooms them, as cam resolutions continue to rise. But, there are advantages to using "mature" products on the downside of the marketing curve. If you shop around, SM cards are getting really cheap! So far I have not experienced any reliability problems with either CF or SM cards. All memory cards should be handled carefully, and you should NEVER touch the contacts on an SM card! It's not hard to avoid doing that, though.
I have both SM and CF card readers (SHG), and both of them work identically. I have never had a problem with either one.
Just some thoughts.
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