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I think Olympus doesn't want people peaking at the code from their firmwares and perhaps coming up with our own fixes since Oly isn't capable of doing so :roll: I update the firmware on my computer which cost double of what my E-10 cost two years ago, I think I can "risk" updating the firmware on my camera myself, thank you.
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If it's fixes the upgrade is for, then the manufacturer should facilitate the upgrade with an easy route then. I was thinking more of converting last years software into this years model!

But I agree with the earlier post, why improve models when you've got new ones to sell and all those workers needing to be employed and profits to make?

As I said, if there were more open standards in cam architecture consumers would benefit, like with pc's. Whilst they remain 'proprietary specialist' consumers are held to ransom. 5 years on, I can still upgrade my pc bios.

So it's up to us as buyers to look hard at comittment to 'product support' and upgrade when buying : Steve is this in your review assessment?
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