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Default Locked out of tiff, panorama modes

Steve's DigiCams used to have an area of his website that addressed specific quirks of Olympus 3000/3030/3040 etc cameras. I can't find it anymore so I'll ask y'all.

Two specific problems I am having are setting the camera to take tiffs and using the Panoramic mode.

There are certain settings that lock you out of those modes and I need to know what they are. I'm locked out and I can't get in!

There are also a number of other tricks that I need to know to keep from going nuts that the owners manual doesn't cover. Can anyone help me with them or point me to some websites? I have an Olympus C-3000 but it would apply to the 3030/3040 and others.
Thanks a lot!
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Well, you can only use the Panoramic function if you have the Olympus brand card in the camera (or a "hacked" card, see other messages here on this), and as for the TIFF function, it will be disabled if you don't have enough room on the card, or if you are using a function like bracketing or one of the multiple shooting functions (as long as you keep the shutter button down, it keeps taking pictures).
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I'm answering my own question. Thanks to the website dpFWIW (Digital Photography For What It's Worth) I found out things that are NOT in the owner's manual:

(The following was copied from http://www.cliffshade.com/dpfwiw/c-2000z/tips/index.htm).

TIFF Menu Lockout (C-30x0Z)
Can't select the TIFF option in the C-30x0Z menu? You first have to change the REC VIEW option to something other than CHECK, which also locks you out of panorama mode.

This isn't a problem on the C-2000Z and C-2020Z, which lack a REC VIEW CHECK option. If the C-2040Z, C-4040Z and C-2100UZ have this option, test it against both TIFF recording and panorama mode.

Panorama Menu Lockouts (Oly rangefinders)
Can't select the panorama mode icon in your Oly rangefinder menu? (It's the rectangle with one corner shaved—presumably a SmartMedia card silhouette.)

Before you can access panorama mode on any Oly rangefinder, you must first
•Load an Oly-brand SmartMedia card (sorry, no way around this)
•Turn the mode dial to "P", not "A/S/M"
•Turn on the LCD before entering the menus.

On the C-30x0Z, including the C-3040Z, you'll also have to set the REC VIEW feature to something other than CHECK, which also locks you out of TIFF recording. (Granted, it doesn't make much sense to use CHECK with either panorama mode or TIFF recording, but to block these menu options without giving the user a clue as to why is poor interface programming IMO.)

Once you can select the panorama icon, jog right to select "PLAY" and press* the [OK] button to bring up the panorama guides in the LCD. Before taking the first shot in the panorama, use the jog buttons to specify which way you'll be panning. Left to right is the default.

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This subject got me curious about the smartmedia thing, so to make a long story short I tried the "hack" and it works! I now have a program that will make any Smartmedia card an "Olympus" card! I now have all my cards set up so that they are "Olympus" cards. I still don't see any need for the panorama mode, but I don't like the idea that Olympus should have to use such underhanded schemes to get people to buy their higher priced media when there is no physical difference between an "Olympus" and any other brand. The only difference is that Olympus doesn't make a profit off the other cards.

The "hack" procedure is not easy and should not be attempted by the meek or mild mannered! If you are interested in a copy I would be happy to share.
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jbailey, I'm interested in the hack. Can you email me the instructions?

[email protected]

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