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I'm guessing that this was an indoor event and you were trying to zoom in on your daughter. You have to keep in mind that the more you zoom the more light you'll need to keep the shutter speed fast, otherwise you'll end up with a lot of motion blur. Also the lower the light level, the longer it will take the autofocus to lock. My advice in your situation would be to kick up the ISO setting if necessary and use manual focus to keep it from hunting around when you're trying to take a shot.


NLAlston wrote:

I put this camera to the real test, Saturday afternoon. One of my daughters had a Tae Kwon Do 'mini class' graduation, yesterday, and I took about twenty shots. I don't know what the deal was, but there were a couple of times when the flash would not activate with shots. There were also a few times when the actual shutter reaction would not sound until a good while after depressing the shutter button. Needless to say, I found that the majority of my shots were not usable, when I pulled them into my computer.
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Many thanks to you, also, for responding to my issues. You are indeed correct, in that the mentioned event took place indoors - and that I had zoomed in on my daughter. Your post revealed a great deal, and seats me deeper into the realisation that it is all about technique and (as said before) MUCH practice:-).

You know, this is the third DC that I have had. My first was an OLY D-340R, and my second was a used OLY C-3000 Zoom. I am almost ashamed to say that I know absolutely nothing about the finer points of digital photography - when I really should. We used the cameras much like one would a point-and-shoot instamatic. But it is a much different story, now, because I do want to know how to go about getting the very best reproductions out of this camera. You mentioned something about "kicking up the ISO settings", and that (along with some other terms that I have come across) is something that I am going to ahve to learn about. The PDF manual is better than nothing, but I'd much rather have a hard copy to peruse & study. I just may wind up printing the manual out.

One last thing: I was, initially, a little worried that this camera might not handle (really well, anyway) photo printouts larger than 5x7's. But, earlier, I printed out an 8x11 of an outside shot, which was taken early afternoon, and the print was absolutely beautiful.

Yes, I did well -EXTREMELY well - by purchasing this camera.



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