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I hear everyone mention the issue of the C8080 giving soft photos and then sharpness deficiences. I am curious to know how or what everyone has done to improve this via the settings for Sharpness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation. Does this make a big difference and if so what do you have your camera settings at to help in this area?
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That is an olympus camera, right? You probably want to ask the question in the olympus section as it will be more targeted at people who probably have that camera.

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I thought about moving this thread to the Olympus forum earlier. I'll go ahead and do that now.

But, it sounds like you don't own this model yet....

Almost any model can benefit from some Post Processing with a decent image editor, and I don't see "everyone" complaining about soft photos.

You don't really want a camera to apply too much sharpening, since this can cause problems at larger print sizes (halos around objects, etc.). It's much better for a camera to keep sharpening to a minimum, so that you have more control over how much is applied later using software -- depending on the print and viewing sizes desired.

Most DSLR modelsapply very little in camera sharpening by default, too.

Usually, when I see complaints, it's from brand new camera owners that have their expectations set too high, or because they're not using the camera correctly (or trying to view images at 100% size, which is extremely large compared to what you're going to be printing at). In most cases where I've seen complaints, the test photos (that a few have provided), didn't even contain the camera settings used.

You see complaints from new owners of all models from time to time. Usually, it's user error, or lack of understanding about how to use their camera in the conditions they are trying to shoot in.

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Sorry for posting in the wrong area - didn't read.

Yes, I do own an Olympus C-8080wz as well as a C-5050 and lastly a D-370. Olympus fan at heart you could say.

I must admit that my 5050 puts out a great picture when I compare it to the 8080wz but I am unsure why. Since I need wide angle for many architectural shots I take, indoors mostly I needed a wider angle. The 8080wz fit the bill just right.

I was wondering if anyone has made adjustments to their Sharpness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation settings? Have you done so in any My Mode settings either for outside or interior settings? If so what have you changed them to? I have read some postings but this part is never mentioned. Am I to think that everyone leaves them alone?

Just wondering if adjustments to these are necessary and how much do you alter them.

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Hi DougA: I currently own and use several Olys, including the C8080. The C8080 has a very long steep learning curve in order to get the very best.However, there is no doubt that the image quality should be even better than the already excellent C5050.

Settings are a personal choice, for the majority of my shots I use: sharpness +1, contrast +1, hue +0, saturation +3. With the custom "my modes", you can build a large variation of settings for different situations. With the C8080's larger lens and 8MP sensor, you will probablydecide to usedifferent settings from what you now usewith yourC5050.

As you read different user comments on this forum, you will probably find that everyone has their own favorite custom settings, usually arrived at by experimentation.

Keep experimenting, and read and re-read, and re-read again,the operating manual. (the large PDF file, not the little printed manual.)

There are a lot of sharp folks on these forums. Don't hesitate to ask for help at any time. Someone will have the right answer.

Steven R.
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