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Default C4000Z Flash

Hi,I would like to use an external flash on my C4000Z. The problem is that I do not want to purchase the Olympus flash,which,I think is just too expensive. Is it possible to buy a cord and connect another make of flash on this camera. If so,I wonder what cord and flash is recommended. Thanks
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A FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Well, the FL-40 is the perfect mate for the camera (and many other Olympus digitals). It has full TTL (Through The Lens) control, that means the flash and camera talk back and forth, and when you adjust the camera the flash adjusts autmtically.
It attaches to the camera via a special flash bracket (FL-BK01) which costs $70US and you need a special cable (FL-CB01) which costs $50US (the flash itself costs $330US). It's an expensive option, but it's not a toy and it holds its value well.

There are other options like Metz, but they're more expensive...there's Promaster, but they're impossible to get outside of the US as they don't export.

Here's a page on flash options for out cameras (it says 2100UZ, but is applicable to the C-4000):

You can use non-TTL flashes with other cables (that cost as much or more than the one above), or slave flashes, but you'll have to do more thinking and odds are your pictures will be too dark or too bright without planning your shot.
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