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Default C-4000 and Epson

Is the C-4000 compatible with PIM? (PIM is Epson technology for print image matching.)
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I don't think so, I have a C-4000 and sent back my Epson 820 printer because of a 'magenta' hue that I could not correct,,the Epson printer totally ruined the pics of my 3 year-old son...I have absolutely no problems with my HP Photosmart printer or my Canon S820..Blessings, Johnny
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I just got the Epson 825 and could not be happier. I have a C4000Z and it produces the photos perfectly for me. I'm not too sure about the PIM comapatibility, but let me tell you the photos look very good. When I bought the printer, I brought a smartmedia card to the store and the rep printed a couple 4x6. THere was actually an Epson rep in the store. She asked to print a few of my photos to use as demos, they looked great.

I was able to take advantage of the $75 rebate from Epson since I just got my camera too. This brought the price of the printer to just $105, a good deal that could not be passed up.

The smartmedia slot on the printer is convenient too.
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I have the C4000 Zoom and Epson 825 as well. I don't think that Epson has a camera yet that uses the PIM technology but I don't think it really matters. The 825 prints perfect photos if you keep the nozzles clean. I had the black clog and wasted about 8 sheets of paper thinking that I had screwed up a software setting while the nozzle was clogged all along.

Anyway, I'll second the recommendation for the 825 as a C4000 owner. The 825 has a built in card reader as well which was nice since I didn't have one and since the flashpath adapter that I used with my previous Olympus is too slow to use with 128mb cards. There is also an optional preview monitor so you can make prints directly from the printer w/out a PC. Not the most useful feature since most people want to enhance photos in PhotoShop but neat nonetheless.

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I do not think any Oly cameras support pim. I know my C4040 does not.
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