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So I've been told ... any truthto this rumor?

fwiw, prices for both camera are now so low that I'm tempted - or wait a little while, pay more, and get the next gen

I've been looking at getting a 'better' P&S that will give me much more control; I've almost ruled out the 8080 due to size and weight (I might as well go with a dSLR imo), hence the 7070 seems to fit my needs much better. The only other contender is the S70, and it's really hard making a choice! (fwiw I've used OM's for many years so I'm a little biased - sad to see the demise of the 35mm SLR line finally).
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The S70 is a good camera.
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Hi Core: For my last camera purchase, I too narrowed it down to the C7070 and C8080.I finallypicked the C8080, and really love it. (I still own and use3 of theOM 35mm SLRs)

But I think they are both great cameras, and you will be satisfied with either. Since the C7070 is smaller and cheaper, it may be better for you based on cost. Digicams are the way computers used to be - they keep coming down in price, and offer more features. It's good for consumers.

Good luck in your decision.
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Thanks for the inputs; I don't mind going thru the upgrade cycle ever so often, and don't usually get the latest and greatest (just 1 gen behind :lol.

The local CompUSA had a demo S70 for $319, very tempting indeed ... I've since off loaded my Minolta S414, and a coolpix. In the meantime I got an Epson L-500V and the bang for the buck factor is very much there ($300 bundled with PictureMate @ Sam's - making it ~$150 for the camera alone, very well worth it) .

Still I miss manual control (and SLR), but with family shooting taking up most all my shots these days, I don't want to lug around an SLR for the moment. I am leaning towards the 7070, albeit if OLY anounces a new replacement any time soon, I'll think twice!

Anyways, this looks to be more of a "What camera should I buy thread" - my apologies! :-)

Bottom line - still no word wrt to discontinuation.
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