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For some reason when taking pictures in manual mode in any format, exposure, shutter speed or white balance my viewfinder and LCD isn't diplaying the exposure or shutter speed I've set. it's always displaying a bang on perfect shot as though it's showing what the exposure should be as opposed to what it is. If I set it mega dark it still shows everything clearly so I can't see what the exposure level is and how light or dark my pics are gonna be. I've been through the manuals and every button on the camera, does anyone know how I can make it show the correct exposure. The photos are coming out fine but now I have to use trial and error to get the right exposure.

Thanks alll
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I'm not sure I understand your question?? The viewfinder and LCD are not going to darken or lighten as you change your exposure settings. It's going to try to staybright togiveyou the best display as possible, so you can compose your shot; it isNOT trying to show you how dark or light your photo will be.

It's the data info which you see displayed on the screen,which is going to tell you how closeto correct exposure while in manual mode. To see whatI mean, hold the camera on the same subject while changing exposure under or over. Notice that the brightness of the screen will not change, even if you change from correct exposure to 3 stops underexposure. The screen is always giving youthe best view for your eyes, so you can compose under the best conditions.

In manual settings, the" +" or "-" number shows the exposure change amount needed to properly expose what's on the screen.

Use your "direct histogram" function to see the actual parts of the photo that will be over or under exposed before you take the picture. It's a very handy function.
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