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If you are printing 4X6, then 3:2 setting. Anyother print size, leave at 3:2 it will not make any difference.
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if you are only doing 4x6 i would use the 3:2 ratio otherwise i would use the normal ratio if you are in 3:2 you cannot print 5x7 withoug loosing some of the image or an 8x10 in 3:2 if you set the width to 10 it comes out to be a 10x6.6 so you lose a lot of the pic to make it and 8x10
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How much would you lose by printing a 5x7 with the 3:2 setting?

By printing a 5x7 you would not lose anything, since the 3:2 ratio is an image measuring 4.7x7. Therefore, you would end up with .3 inches of blank space along the image's height. If you increase the image size to elimanate that blank space, you would lose 1/2" off the width.

All the 3:2 means is that the camera records the image in such a way that the height of the image is 2/3 of the width.

You can calculate your print size as follows: Assuming your image is in a landscape format (horizontal image), and you recorded the image in the camera at 3:2 ratio. If you want to resize the image in an image editing program such as photoshop, simply take your desired width and multiply it by .67 to see what the height should be. For example you want to print a 5x7. Since this is a landscape image, you would multiply the width (7) by .67 to get a height of 4.7. This means you can resize your original image to 4.7 x 7 without any being cropped off. Since 4.7 is a little smaller than 5x7, you would end up with 1/3 inch blank space. This can be compensated for by multiplying the desired height (5) by 1.5 to get a width of 7.5. Since you are printing a 5x7, you will have to crop off 1/2 inch.

Rephrased....... L = 1.5 x S where S is the shorter dimension.
S = .67 x L where L is the longer dimension.
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