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Hi friends!

After 3 weeks, my broken C770 has arrived home today. Seems to be
working right, but it didn't seem to be the same so now I'm suspicious
on Olympus technical support people.

First symptom was that the "Turbo pic" sticker is now completely
white, and mine had the sticker in good conditions!

Secon symptom was that it drained cimpletely my battery in less than 3
minutes, so I havent shot any photo.

The third symptom was that I was sure that my old C770 had a mark in
the tripod hole because I pushed too strong the first time... this cam
has the hole untouched

The fourth symptom was that I had a plastic film protecting the TFT
display, and this cam does not have it.

And last thing is that the serial number is the same. But serial
number comes in a silver-platter sticker in the bottom of the cammera
and this sticker seems to have been removed and replaced in the
correct site.

So now, I'm feeling that I don't have the same cammera. Well, it's the
same model, and the lens seems to be right, but... it does not seem to
be my cam...

Does anybody know if there exists any way to interrogate the cam for
its serial number? Or there exists any other way to be certain that
this cam is really my cam?

Thanks everybody!!
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I've found that using USBView utility some people can read the
Olympus serial number when the cam is connected to the PC. I've tested
it and it returns serial number 000000000

Please, can anybody test it against a non repaired C770 ?

Thanks in advance!

PS:: you can find USBView at


or from


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