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Hello , and thank you in advance. I own an old olympus 490d and love it, , the bad part about it is time goes by they get obsolete. my problem:

1 I have a number of cards. and one is a 128mb, and I used it on the pc to get my pics rather then the cable. I cannot format the card in the camera.

2. when the camera turns onit beeps, card error. when it is on playback no beep

3 when I follow the only option format yes/no. in both nothing

that is the only thing I get.

I formatted it on the pc, and still nothing

As the cards get older do they go bad? or can I fix the problem a different way?

if there are pictures well it is not of impotance now as it is lost.

I have a few 128mb, and to lose one will hurt me but this wil force me to upgrade.

what I love about this camera is battery life, the optical zoom, and its sixe. best ever owned.

thanks again in advance Mod fishy
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