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Default 5050 Malfunction

had mine for about 2 weeks. On 5 occasions I took a photo in multi spot meter mode and the cam locked up. I had to remove the batteries to get it to function again. The memory write light flashes like its writing to the flash card (CF) but it never finishes writing.

I really like the cotrrols on the cam. Feels like a camera! Image quality on my sample was not what I had hoped - major noise on 1/8 second photos - looked mottled when you blow it up. Any suggestions on how to reduce that problem are welcome.

I had a 3030 prior to the 5050. There was a 66% increase in pixels - but not in quality from 3 mega pixels to 5 megapixels. 5 meg is a little better - but not much. I expected more.

But again the camera controls are much better on the 5050.
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I've never used anything but spot, ever in any camera really, but will try this on my 5050 to see.
I went to it from the 3000 and wa not blown away either.
To potential 5mp buyers: compare the same shot with your 3mp to a 5 mp taken side by side in acamera store before you dish out the cash. You may not be impressed by the average image. Having said that, the 5050 shoots raw data, and to anyone (like me) who are determnined to prove that can create a printable file betere than the techies at oly do, who created the in-camera algorithms, this ability is paramount.
But for most use, check it out before you buy..
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The latest smaller CCDs seem noisier than their predecessors.

It seems to me what you gain with more MPs you lose with less pure images (their noisier).

I had to mess around with Hot Pixel Mapping on my 730 to get it to deliver noiseless images. My old 3020 was much less noisy out of the box.
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