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Hi jbailey,
Yes, I know that group is VERY active. But, if you post a question, there is a very good chance that it will be answered within the hour, (sometimes in 15 minutes) unless you post it in the middle of the night. Where else can you find service like that. There are a lot of informative people there (like Mike-PEAT).

As for format, you can organize it several ways, and you can set it so you don't get any e-mails at all. The nice thing about Yahoo Groups is that it has a lot more than discussions. It has photos, files, databases, polls, links, a chat room, and more. All created just for the C-7X0 cameras.

There is another relatively inactive group at:
Maybe if enough people are interested in starting a smaller group, you could go there and get things re-started. Also, as Mike said there is a group just for the awesome C-730.

Or for that matter, anyone can start a new group at Yahoo. Maybe if one group doesn't have an answer to a question, we can redirect the inquiry to another group.

Originally Posted by jbailey

That link doesn't see to work. I'd be interested in a forum with less traffic than Yahoo!. I got discouraged with the Yahoo! group because there are 150 new messages every day and most were not interesting. People chatting back and forth.
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About the Yahoo User Group C700 (and 720, 730)

To Eddie J: You can always check the postings via Yahoo. From there you have an option to browse all the postings or just choose those subject headings that are of interest to you. The regular members are so immersed in talking about the camera, the pictures they took and most of all, we are all geniunely interested in each other's lives, hence, the regular chatting.

To JBailey: If you don't want to wade through 150 emails a day, access the postings like I suggest above. If you just want to talk cameras ONLY, the Yahoo C700 user group is not for you. I guess you will have to find the user group that suits you. It's like finding your soul mate but even then, you will be willing to put up with some minor annoying thing about your soul mate to stay together.
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Here's another option (which I haven't checked out yet though):

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