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Default C-3040 vs C-370UZ

Can anyone give me a quick showdown with the c-3040, and the c370uz. I was decided on the 3040 before the c-370 came out, now am confused!!! Please kindly send a quick reply, I am planning my purchase within 16 hours! Thanks to all who can respond.

Regards, Guy visiting Calif. from Guam!
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Let me see if I can help. Think you got the model # wrong on the 370. The UZ (Ultra Zoom) series has 3 cameras in it.
1. C-2100UZ 10X Optical
2. C-700UZ 10X Optical
3. C-720UZ 8X Optical
This is the order that they were manufactered in. with the 720 just being just released. When I got my C-3040 I sold my 2100UZ to a good friend. I got a 700UZ but it did not match the 2100UZ. Seems Like Ray who got my 2100 would email me 2-4X a week to tell me to check the Picture of the day at this site sure enougn it would be taken with a 2100. I think that model has won more times than any other brand let alone model. I shoot about 95% with the 2100 (bought another one) and 5% with the 3040. The 3040 take a fantastic picture, but here in Colorado or when I go back home to Florida for a visit its the 2100 that goes. You can get some many more great outdoor pics because of the 10X zoom. Now I think your question was on the720UZ just released, the 700 was not near the cam the 2100 is, would not want to say anything about the 720 as I have not shoot with it. For a person shooting at home and mainley people type pics, but not mountain. beach, wildlife its the 3040 hands down. But if you are the outdoor type a 2100UZ is a sure winner. If you want to talk let me know and will u2u my phone #, take to much more typeing to really give you an insite that would really help.
Good Luck,
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Hi Gary,
Thanks so much for your reply. I'm still a bit confused about what to do, and would really like to talk to you if that is o.k. with you. Please post your number to my e-mail directly, and I will call when it is convenient for you. Thanks again for your insite.
[email protected]
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